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This is my full review of EZ Review Videos by Todd Gross and Matt Bush. EZ Review Videos claims to allow you to create professional-quality review videos for online and offline businesses in minutes.

It’s important to mention that unlike a lot of other people out there that have reviewed EZ Review Videos, I’m not doing so with the sole intent of funneling traffic to some other offer I’m an affiliate for that I claim is “better”. I am an affiliate for just about all of the products I review, I don’t have an ulterior motive, and most of the time I’ve gone through the whole product in detail before writing about it. This is a 100% honest review and objective review of the software.


Bonuses: I’ve put together a package of awesome bonuses that I think complement EZ Review Videos very well. You’ll get these bonuses absolutely free if you decide to grab EZ Review Videos through my link on this page. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the review to get a description of each of them!

Todd is a big player in the internet marketing space, having launched many hugely successful products like VideoBuilder that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. You can be pretty sure that any product he puts his name behind is a good one. Does EZ Review Videos deliver, or does it disappoint? Is it worth picking up? Read on to find out…

Product Name: EZ Review Videos
Creator: Todd Gross & Matt Bush
Website: https://thefreedomfellow.com/ez-review-videos
Price: $27 with 3 upsells
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
My Rating: 9.1/10
Recommended to Try: Yes

Summary: EZ Review Videos is a brand new software program that allows you to create high-quality review videos using professional templates. You can incorporate live-action spokesperson models and various video elements like custom backgrounds, music and lower thirds. These videos can be used to promote affiliate products or can be sold to local businesses, among many other possibilities.

Video marketing is more important than ever these days. However, whether due to camera shyness, a lack of video editing skills or software, or any other host of reasons, not everyone is well-equipped to create their own videos for their marketing campaigns. This is where EZ Review Videos comes in; it enables pretty much anyone to get in the game and start creating high-quality review videos that convert. This is a great app that I recommend to anyone looking to up the quality of their review videos, or to people interested in running an agency business.

What is EZ Review Videos about?

If you’ve ever tried to create review videos yourself, you know that it can be a hassle; either you’re not comfortable talking on or being in front of a camera, or you have to pay a steep price for someone else to create it for you.

EZ Review Videos attempts to streamline the whole process. EZ Review Videos is a done-for-you cloud-based video editor that allows you to easily create professional-quality review videos with live-action spokesperson models. With this app, you can:

  • create review videos of products (digital or physical) that you’re promoting as an affiliate
  • use the provided local marketing video templates to create videos that can be sold to local businesses for hundreds of dollars a pop
  • create videos that can serve as introductions to your website

With EZ Review Videos, you can edit text, create custom lower thirds, insert your own intro and outro videos, customize the video background, and more.

EZ Review Videos Review Image 1

Fully edit text and create custom lower thirds

EZ Review Videos comes with many high-quality video templates (minimum 50) that you can use to create something professional and high-converting in a relatively short period of time. With the main product comes 80 templates that cover numerous internet marketing topics.

What is the structure of EZ Review Videos?

Front End ($27-$37, cheaper early bird) – the front end consists of the main EZ Review Videos cloud-based app. With this, you get 80 templates that cover numerous internet marketing topics, as well as several “review” templates that you can use to create videos for local businesses.

Here’s a look at the members area:

EZ Review Videos Review Members Area

The members area of the EZ Review Videos app

OTO 1 ($47) – with this you get the EZ Review Videos Agency upgrade. This unlocks the ability to sell the videos that you create with EZ Review videos to whichever clients you want, and it also includes a pre-built full-featured website and 8 special customizable commercials you can use to sell your services.

If you have any interest in running an agency business that sells online services to local businesses, I strongly recommend picking this up. Even if you’ve never dabbled in the agency business before, this is an excellent way to start seeing results relatively quickly. Businesses want the types of videos that EZ Review Videos can create, and they’re willing to pay good money for them.

OTO 2 ($27) – with this you get the EZ Review Videos Upgrade. This gives you an additional 120 templates, and 40 new backgrounds and music selections that you can integrate into your video creations.

EZ Review Videos Review Image 2

Customize the background and insert intro and outro clips

If you plan to use EZ Review Videos heavily, you should consider this option. You may find that the templates, backgrounds and music choices you already have are enough, but it’s really up to you.

OTO 3 ($47) – with this you get the EZ Reputation Management system. This will give you everything you need to know to boost your profits by offering reputation management services to local businesses. This is a perfect application for the videos you create with EZ Review Videos.

I would recommend absorbing everything on the sales page for this and determine whether or not this is a business that would interest you. I will say that it has huge potential to make you good money, as reputation management is extremely important to pretty much all businesses. If you don’t already have a plan for making money with the videos that EZ Review Videos creates, I would seriously consider this, as it can get you results quickly.

Here are the bonuses you’ll get if you buy EZ Review Videos through my link…

Bonus 1: WP Video Attention

WP Video Attention

  • an in-demand WordPress plugin that allows you to place videos on any corner of your webpage and have them stay there as a visitor scrolls up or down
  • this will allow any video you desire to grab attention, keep engagement and increase conversions
  • customization features include placement, branding, a countdown timer, share buttons, animation effects and more
  • use this plugin to place videos that you create with EZ Review Videos

Bonus 2: Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

Affiliate Marketing Action Plan

  • an action plan report that outlines the steps you should take to go from nothing to a thriving affiliate marketing business online
  • covers mindset, niches, research, products, content, affiliate links and more
  • implement this action plan with the videos you make in EZ Review Videos to create killer affiliate campaigns

Bonus 3: The Affiliate Contest Insider Hack

The Affiliate Contest Insider Hack

  •  teaches you how to ramp up your affiliate promotions and win affiliate contests, no matter how big or well-known you are in the industry
  • includes valuable information on picking the right products, what to do before, during and after the launch to maximize sales
  • reveals tips, strategies and techniques for maximizing your chances of winning these contests
  • use the secrets in this bonus along with the review videos you create with EZ Review Videos to kill it as an affiliate

I would normally charge for these value-packed bonuses, but you’ll be able to get all of them absolutely free if you grab EZ Review Videos through my link.

To make room on my file hosting service and hard drive, I will normally remove bonuses for products that have been out for a while. As you read this, there’s a chance that the bonuses may not be there any longer; get it now and don’t miss out!

My Thoughts on EZ Review Videos

We all know how powerful video can be in marketing, but it needs to be done properly. EZ Review Videos is a handy app that allows practically anyone to create professional-quality, high-converting review videos without the hassle of recording yourself on camera (the spokesperson models take care of this) or paying a expensive price to have someone create the videos for you.

This is awesome for those who have already been creating review videos for one purpose or another (like promoting affiliate products) but doesn’t like the process itself. Even if you’ve never created review videos before, EZ Review Videos presents a great opportunity to get in the game and start seeing the kind of results that successful video marketers see.

Now, one of the main downsides I see with this app is that if you don’t like the general style of the templates and features offered, you won’t have much use for it. I suspect some people would prefer to create their videos in different way. This is why I highly recommend viewing some sample videos on the sales page and elsewhere to see if you like the style before you pick up EZ Review Videos.

With that said, the cost of the app is very reasonable when you consider the long-term benefit that it can provide you. Overall, I recommend that you give this a look.

Recommended to try: Yes


I hope you found my review of EZ Review Videos informative and helpful. See my summary and rating of the product below. If you have any questions, feedback or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

EZ Review Videos






Long-Term Potential





  • Affordable
  • Plenty of customization options
  • Software is easy to use
  • Allows the average joe with little to no knowledge of video creation to get in the game with professional-quality review videos


  • Not useful to people who prefer to create review videos in a different way
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