Ecom Elites Review (2022) – Franklin Hatchett’s Best Course?

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Thanks to the growth of the Internet, it has never been easier for people to become entrepreneurs that make their own money and aren’t chained to a traditional job.

One of the best to do this is by opening an online store and selling physical goods. Back in the day, most stores would follow the conventional model of buying and stocking their inventory — not only is this risky, but it introduces many more layers of complexity to running the business.

Times have changed, and now there’s a better, less risky, simpler model for ecommerce called dropshipping.

With dropshipping, you don’t stock any inventory. Instead, you wait until a customer makes a purchase, and then your supplier ships the product directly to the customer. It’s completely hands-off for you, and a true game-changer for the industry.

There are certainly a lot of programs and courses out there that claim to teach you how to prosper with dropshipping. And then there’s Ecom Elites.

Franklin Hatchett
Franklin Hatchett, the guy behind Ecom Elites

Created by 7-figure online entrepreneur Franklin Hatchett, Ecom Elites takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know to get your first Shopify store up, running and profitable within 30 days.

A while back, I took Frank’s ecommerce training and implemented the steps. Today, I want to write an honest, comprehensive review of the course so you can answer these questions for yourself:

How can Ecom Elites help me make a full-time income online?

Is it a good course? Is it worth the investment?

If you’re interested in Ecom Elites and are on the fence, this review will hopefully give you the push you need to make your decision.

Here’s what I’m going to be covering in the review:

If you’re ready to pick up Ecom Elites at this point, click the button below or scroll down to the bottom of my review to see my final verdict and my custom $680 bonus package!

What does Ecom Elites teach you?

eCom Elites Main Logo

Frank describes Ecom Elites as the “the only blueprint you’ll need to build a profitable online business”.

The focus of Ecom Elites is dropshipping and Shopify. He walks you through everything you’ll need to get a Shopify store up and running, optimize it into a sales machine, get traffic to the store, and build a long-term profitable ecommerce business.

And unlike most other dropshipping courses, Frank gives you the entire picture so you don’t have to rely on just one method or one traffic source.

The course itself contains 9 video modules, a bonus module, and additional bonus content. Each module contains many videos, usually 6-30, that go in depth into every step of the process.

For example, one of the modules dealing with sourcing products (one of the most important parts of the process) has well over 20 videos plus 4 bonus videos. The Facebook advertising module has over 30 videos!

In essence, he takes you through setting up your store, choosing the best products to sell, running paid advertising and getting other kinds of traffic, and optimizing your sales funnels.

It’s all over-the-shoulder, and he holds nothing back, often sharing things that other insiders want to keep secret.

Here’s what Frank currently teaches you:


In this section, Frank introduces you to the essential concepts of ecommerce and dropshipping. You need to know the fundamentals, otherwise it just won’t work for you.

He also shows you the results of many of his students.

Module 1: Setting Up Your Store

Ecom Elites General Vs. Niche Store Video

In this module, Frank walks you through creating and setting up your Shopify store from the ground up. Uploading and customizing themes, adding products, customizing checkout pages, setting up shipping and coupons — it’s all covered in this module.

Getting this right means having the rock-solid foundation necessary to succeed in ecommerce.

In addition, Frank discusses concepts like the difference between niche and general stores. He also mentions his own high-converting Shopify theme called eCom Turbo.

Module 2: Product Sourcing & Research

Ecom Elites Product Research Overview Video

Products are crucial in this game. You could have a loser that gets little to no buyers, or you could have a winner that brings the sales you need to be profitable.

In this module, Frank shows you how to find the winners. Included is how to do product research the right way, how to find suppliers, how to spy on other stores, pricing your products, and much more.

Module 3: Facebook Traffic

Ecom Elites FB Ads Account Overview Video

It’s crucial to be able to get eyeballs on your store, and that’s not just going to happen automatically.

In this massive module, Frank dives into Facebook ads, which is the primary traffic source that is taught within the course. He covers things like setting up a business account, installing pixels, and setting up, optimizing and scaling campaigns.

I would definitely consider this one of the key modules of the course. If you learn nothing else except setting up your store and getting Facebook traffic as Frank teaches you in this module, you’re already set up for success.

Module 4: Instagram Traffic

Ecom Elites Finding Influencers Video

After Facebook, Instagram is one of the best traffic sources for your dropshipping store.

In this module, Frank talks about setting up an Instagram account, how to find the best Instagram influencers, how to set up and run Instagram ads the right way, retargeting, and more.

It’s not as detailed as the previous Facebook module, but it’s nonetheless important for expanding your traffic horizons.

Module 5: Email Marketing

Ecom Elites Sending Emails From Store Video

Another element to a successful dropshipping business is email marketing.

You want to collect emails on your store so that you can do things like bring back abandoned carts and recommend products to existing customers. If you don’t do this, you’re leaving big money on the table.

Frank shows you how to do all of this and more in this module. Among other things, you’ll learn how to set up automated email campaigns with GetResponse, Frank’s recommended email platform.

Module 6: Chatbots

Ecom Elites Set Up Chatbot Comments video

This is a new module that Frank added in the major 2.0 update of Ecom Elites.

It shows you how to take your store to the next level with Chatbots, which are pieces of automated conversation software that engage your prospects and customers.

These can bring in a lot of additional sales if done right. Among other things, you’ll learn the right way to set them up, program them, and run Chatbot ads.

If you’re confused about how this works, just go through the module; I bet you’ll come out surprised at how much potential is there.

Module 7: Building Sales Funnels

Ecom Elites eCommerce Share Funnel Video

In this module, Frank explores the concept of sales funnels and how they can be applied to dropshipping businesses.

He then shows you how you can build ecommerce funnels that pull big profits using Frank’s favourite funnel-builder software, ClickFunnels.

With the Ultimate Package of Ecom Elites, you’ll get access to Frank’s 7-figure ecommerce funnel that you can upload and edit in minutes.

Don’t skip this module, because funnel-building is an invaluable skill that will serve you for the rest of your online career.

Module 8: Google Ads

Ecom Elites General Keyword Research Video

In this module, Frank explores Google Ads, arguably the most powerful traffic source in the world. He goes into detail about setting up pixels, optimizing and scaling, and more.

With the Ultimate package of Ecom Elites, he also goes into detail about Google Shopping ads: creating your merchant account, connecting the app to your store, and proper ad setup.

The module contains some incredible techniques for targeting your ads, particularly on YouTube. You won’t want to miss what’s inside!

Module 9: Organic Google Traffic (SEO)

Ecom Elites SEO Keyword Research Video

Did you know that you can get a decent amount of traffic to your store just by ranking organically (Google) in the SERPs?

In this module, Frank goes over the best methods and strategies for doing just that. The great thing about this type of traffic is that it’s passive and the visitors are already warmed up.

Altogether, the course is packed with a ton of traffic training, and I suggest you take the time to go through all of it. Mastering traffic is the key to succeeding with ecommerce.

Bonus Section

Bonus Package Icon

One of the great things about Ecom Elites is that it contains a ton of bonus content.

First, Frank has an entire module dedicated to bonus techniques and secrets for increasing sales. There is also an additional bonus section, and access to past live Q&As.

As for what exactly the bonus material contains, I’ll let you discover that for yourself!

Overall, the amount of material inside the course is just insane, and even more content has been added in the latest major update. It’s going to take you some time to go through it all. If you want to go from newbie to ecommerce veteran, you had best get started as soon as possible!

Some Ecom Elites Success Stories

Before I get into the meat of the review, how to navigate Ecom Elites, what I like and don’t like about the course, I want to talk about a few success stories.

Frank has many students. As you’ve probably already heard him say in his introductory video, he has folders of results of people who have gone through the Ecom Elites training and done hundreds of thousands of dollars (even millions) in sales.

Here are some of the most notable cases:

Success Story #1

Upward progress graphic

A guy named Andrew is a student of Ecom Elites, and he has also used Frank’s high-converting Shopify theme, eCom Turbo.

Within one month of implementing the training, he found a winning product and scaled it to $107,000 in sales in 30 days!

Success Story #2

Ecom Elites - Brian Kim Success

Brian Kim is a top Ecom Elites student who has been following Frank’s training for months.

Within 3 months of starting his first Shopify store, Kim hit over $11,000 in sales and 584 orders in one month, and now he has his own online business that he is continuing to grow.

Success Story #3

Ecom Elites - Phil's Success

In early 2017, Phil O. started learning about Shopify. He didn’t get anywhere for months, but then he came across Frank’s content on YouTube.

He implemented some of the strategies and made a few sales. He then purchased Ecom Elites, and that’s when things started to take off for him.

Long story short, he was able to hit $80,000 in sales in one month following Frank’s teachings. He regularly makes thousands of dollars in sales every day, and his business is only growing.

Success Story #4

Ecommerce graphic 1

Brandon was one of the first students of Ecom Elites.

After following Frank’s teachings and working on his Shopify dropshipping business for a couple of months, he was able to top $57,000 in sales, and this was with just one traffic source.

He then turned his attention to Facebook, and now he expects his revenue only to grow.

These are just some of the success stories that we know of.

How many people do you think have learned from Frank, become successful online, but haven’t gotten around to sharing their story? You can be sure that there are a lot of them.

But keep in mind that each one of these people put in work and time to get their results. You should expect to do the same; it’s not going to be push-button overnight riches.

A Quick Look Inside The Members Area

Now I’ll give you a quick tour of the members area of Ecom Elites and show you how to navigate it.

Once you’re given your login details and log in to the members area, you’ll land on a screen that looks like this:

Ecom Elites Members Area Home
Ecom Elites Members Area

Note that yours might look a little different depending on whether there has been updates to the course.

Frank currently organizes the course using the Kajabi platform. From the main page, you can access all the course content and video modules, Frank’s promotions and other links on the right sidebar, and the following sections:

  • Store: view the sales pages for Ecom Elites and the eCom Turbo theme
  • Your Products: view all of your purchased products from Franklin
  • Contact: get technical or general support.
  • Settings: accessed by clicking the user icon on the top-right, you can view and adjust your profile information.

Note that the support email given in the contact link is only for membership area issues and bugs. If you need help with dropshipping itself, you should post in the Ecom Elites Facebook group — the link will be given to you once you sign up, and you can talk to Frank one-on-one there.

The course is organized into 9 modules plus a Bonus module and a few more bonus sections. Each module is packed with videos, most of them 4-30 minutes each.

When you click on a module, you’ll be presented with a list of all of the videos in the module:

Ecom Elites Module Example
What the inside of a module looks like

For example, you can go to Module 2 (Sourcing Products), click on “Sourcing Products (Start Here)”, and be taken to this:

Ecom Elites Video Screen
Video example

The video player is easy to use and flexible, with volume, skipping forwards or backwards, quality and speed options, and the ability to go full screen.

You can keep track of your progress in the course by marking each video as “completed”.

That’s pretty much all there is to know. It’s very simple to log in and start taking the course.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend taking the course in the order that it’s presented to minimize any confusion. More experienced marketers can skip to certain modules as they please.

What I Like About Ecom Elites

Here are the things I like most about Ecom Elites:

1. The stuff Frank teaches works.

Entrepreneur on a rising trend

Frank makes millions per year online for a reason. He knows what he’s talking about, and the stuff that he teaches works. Just look at the case studies and ask many of his students.

In other words, what Frank teaches isn’t untested garbage like you often find with other ecommerce and biz opp products.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll start making money overnight. It takes time and consistent effort to be successful, and Frank helps you get into this mindset.

By the way, he knows a lot — not only about ecommerce, but also about other industries like affiliate marketing and online marketing in general. It continues to impress me how much this guy knows.

2. It gives you the big picture of ecom and dropshipping.

Picture of cityscape on the wall

Unlike other online ecommerce courses, Ecom Elites doesn’t just focus on one or two narrow topics like sourcing products from AliExpress or running Facebook ads.

Instead, it covers everything and gives you the A-Z big picture of dropshipping, so you can build a successful store and become self-employed for the long term, making money year after year.

It’s worth noting that Frank was one of the first people online to talk about the method of dropshipping with Shopify. There aren’t many people who have more experience than him in this business.

Frank made this course keeping in mind beginners who know nothing about making money online, but it’s great for dropshippers of all skill levels because of the sheer amount of information inside.

3. It’s kept up to date and has bonus content.

Updated Icon

One of my biggest pet peeves with MMO products is that many of them become obsolete within a few months, sometimes within a few weeks. The product creators just leave them to die and move onto their next product.

I don’t believe in this, and neither does Frank.

He released the first version of Ecom Elites already knowing that he would update it in the future. As the online landscape has changed, he has made substantial updates to the course and added entirely new sections and bonus content.

Because Ecom Elites is kept up to date, you’re always going to be able to get the most relevant training and methods for the industry — the things that are working right now.

That’s not even to mention the fact that you’re always going to be able to get the latest tips and guidance in the Facebook group.

On a related note, it’s really impressive how much bonus material Frank gives you in the course. There’s a full bonus module plus an additional bonus section, and you also get access to all past Q&As. The value is crazy when you consider the cost of the course.

4. It’s in over-the-shoulder video format.

Over the shoulder of a person on a laptop

I won’t criticize written courses, but I know a lot of you guys don’t like to read and would rather just sit back and watch a video.

With Ecom Elites, you’re in luck: the entire course is in video format, aside from some books and documents that he includes as bonus content.

Frank takes you over the shoulder as he works with tools, sets things up, and gives you visuals of important concepts. This way, you can get a good idea of what running an online ecommerce business actually feels like.

If you want your hand to be held through the process, you get that with Ecom Elites. You couldn’t ask for much more.

What I Don’t Like About Ecom Elites

1. The main traffic method requires some initial investment.

Frank goes over four traffic methods in the course. One of them is a free traffic method that gets you traffic organically and passively, while the others involve paid advertising.

Even though the paid ads are set up for you to make your money back plus profit, you’re going to have to invest a decent chunk of money in the beginning to run and test the ads.

This means that if you’re tight on cash, you’ll have to stick with free strategies like search engine traffic until you have enough funds (not that much, really) to put into paid ads.

2. The sheer amount of content can be overwhelming.

Many hours of video are contained inside the course, with hundreds of videos. To a beginner, this might seem overwhelming, especially since all of the modules are listed in one place.

As I’ll explain in a later section, it’s important to just start from the beginning and take it one step at a time — if you do this, you should be just fine.

3. Some videos are long-winded.

When I went through the course, I felt that some of the videos dragged on way longer than they needed to. These videos often run for more than 15 minutes, and it can get difficult to not lose focus or get bored.

This is in large part due to the fact that Frank often figures things out (often technical tasks) on the fly rather than preparing beforehand.

Ecom Elites Pricing

Price is a big concern for people, and rightly so. You want to know if you’re getting your money’s worth.

Of course, you can’t expect a course that has this much content and that takes you from zero to hero is going to cost $17, right?

Anyways, the pricing is simple. Ecom Elites has two different pricing options: Standard and Ultimate.

Ecom Elites Pricing & Features

Standard Option ($197)

The Standard Package currently costs $197.

It comes with the bulk of the course content, including the modules on store setup, product research, Facebook & Instagram traffic training, Google SEO training, chatbots, and email marketing.

It also comes with weekly Q&A sessions, bonuses, and lifetime updates to the product, among other things.

Ultimate Option ($297)

The Ultimate Package currently costs $297.

It comes with everything from the Standard Package plus:

  • sales funnel training
  • Google Shopping Ads training
  • Frank’s done-for-you 7-figure funnel
  • Frank’s top-selling 6-figure products
  • Frank’s top-selling niches

The Ultimate Package is ideal for people who want to be able to scale their dropshipping businesses and make big money.

Both are one-time payments and allow you access to lifetime updates of the product. This means that if and when new versions of Ecom Elites come out, you’ll get access to them for free.

The pricing is currently 60% off the normal prices of $497 and $697, but other than that, no discounts or coupons are available online.

What I Recommend

Even if I bought the Ultimate Package myself, what package would I recommend to you?

Well, it depends on what you want out of the course.

Do you want to get started with a dropshipping store and build a solid online business for yourself? Or are you serious about building a store and scaling it to 6 or 7 figures in annual income?

If you want to have access to everything you need to take your business to high levels, you should get the Ultimate version. If you think you can live without the extras included in the Ultimate version like the sales funnels, you might as well get the Standard version.

You should know that sales funnels and Google Shopping ads can be very lucrative for an ecommerce business, and I think it would be really beneficial for you to take the training.

Getting Frank’s top products, niches, and DFY funnel is also very powerful; they can be a great help to newbies and put you on the fast track to making money.

Think about the long-term; once you make the purchase, you’re going to be getting lifetime updates to the product for free. Is the extra $100 worth years of making money online?

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I’m going to cover the most common questions that I get regarding Ecom Elites:

Who is Ecom Elites for?

Ecom Elites is suitable for anyone interested in growing a successful online dropshipping business. You can be a complete beginner or already have some experience in the industry — it doesn’t matter.

Even if you consider yourself an expert in e-commerce, you can still get a lot of valuable information out of Frank’s trainings. For beginners, though, the path is clear: take the entire course from start to finish.

Does Ecom Elites have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. It’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you have to make an effort to apply the training methods before requesting a refund.

In other words, you can’t just buy the product and refund it a day or two later. This product is for people who are serious about building an online business.

How does Ecom Elites compare with Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Ecom Elites vs. Drop Ship Lifestyle Logos

Drop Ship Lifestyle was started back in 2012 by entrepreneur Anton Kraly, based on his experience and expertise with ecommerce and dropshipping.

It’s basically a membership site that teaches you how to build a profitable, semi-automated dropshipping business in 21 days. It offers over 20 hours of video content, an ecommerce theme and app, and has an active community.

While Kraly is constantly updating his course, and the content itself is really good and the methods work, I think that Ecom Elites is definitely the better investment.

Why? It comes down to price and value.

Like Ecom Elites, the Drop Ship Lifestyle course is organized into modules that take you through creating your store, research, traffic, et cetera. The product offers similar benefits.

The problem is that it costs at least 5 times more, at well over $1200. Historically, Kraly has even offered course packages that cost $2997 or more.

When you’re looking to get educated about online business, you don’t need to be spending this kind of money. Ecom Elites gives you everything you need to build a thriving ecommerce business at less than 20% of the cost.

You might think that the quality and value of Ecom Elites would be worse, but it actually isn’t. Frank cares about his students and has put his heart and soul into the course; at the same time, he has made it very affordable for everyone.

How does Ecom Elites compare with Ecom Warrior Academy?

Ecom Elites vs. Ecom Warrior Academy Logos

Ecom Warrior Academy was created by online entrepreneur Matthew Lepre, who is one of the most popular online figures in Australia.

It provides a training program that, like Ecom Elites, shows you step-by-step how to create your own successful dropshipping store.

There are two main issues with Ecom Warrior Academy, however:

  1. It has an outrageous price tag of around $4,000.
  2. You have to jump through a bunch of hoops to even qualify to join the program.

While Ecom Elites doesn’t have a formal mentoring program like EWA does, it’s a much better investment. You essentially get the same training for just a couple hundred dollars, it’s much more accessible, and you also get access to a private community that many would argue is nearly as valuable as a mentorship.

I definitely wouldn’t bother with Ecom Warrior Academy, but you can find out more about it in my review here.

How does Ecom Elites compare with Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates Logo

Savage Affiliates is one of Franklin Hatchett’s flagship courses that teaches you how a successful affiliate marketing business online.

While he put just as much effort into Savage Affiliates as he did into Ecom Elites, these courses cover different business models, so it’s difficult to compare them.

The Savage Affiliates course has a similar structure to Ecom Elites, with video modules taking you through everything you need to know.

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re interested in ecommerce rather than affiliate marketing. In that case, there’s no need to look into Savage Affiliates. But if you want to check it out anyway, you can go here.

Let me just tell you that my main business is affiliate marketing, and I purchased and went through Savage Affiliates myself. I like the business because you can get started with little to no investment, you don’t have to deal with creating and supporting products, and the income can be very passive.

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative if you do it right, but in my opinion, dropshipping and ecommerce can make you money faster and can be scaled more easily.

Does Ecom Elites have an affiliate program?

Frank has made an affiliate program for Ecom Elites available in the past, but as far as I know, it’s currently closed to new applicants. He has shut it down before because of affiliates breaking the rules.

How To Succeed With Ecom Elites

Beach with water and palm trees

Taking a course with one thing, but getting results out of it is a whole other thing entirely.

The first thing I suggest you do, especially if you’re a beginner to dropshipping, is to take the whole course.

It’s going to take some time because there’s so much material, but just work through it at a slow and steady pace. Understand what he teaches and how it all fits together.

Create your online store, find products, pick your traffic method, and run with it. This is the core approach. Don’t get sidetracked and distracted by “shiny objects”.

For example, do you like the idea of building a niche store with cool products (e.g. jewelry, fishing), and building interest and traffic through Facebook? This is a common method that can work extremely well, but some feel it has become saturated.

Do you want to create a store with more general products? Do you want to explore traffic options other than Facebook Ads? These are legitimate options that can make you a full-time income.

Maybe you want to spend time on optimizing your sales processes, incorporating email marketing and funnels.

Develop a strategy for making the income that you want to make, and take action. One of the best ways to succeed is to treat this like a job – expect to put in consistent effort on a daily basis, and don’t expect to see results tomorrow or even next week.

If you run into an obstacle, figure it out and keep on going. If you need help, ask questions in the Facebook group; Frank helps people out there, and there are also many experienced businesspeople there who can give you advice.

You’re building a long-term business that’s going to pay you year after year, and so you should treat it like one. Trust me, it’ll be worth it in the end.


Checkmark in a green circle

Ecom Elites is arguably the best online ecommerce course that’s out there right now, and it’s not just because of cost versus value.

The reason I prefer following Frank and consuming his content is because, for one, he doesn’t beat around the bush. Unlike many other influencers, he doesn’t give you a lot of BS and quasi-motivational speech that you don’t need; he cuts to the chase and tells you what you need to know.

Secondly, he speaks just like you and I in a way that we can understand. He might be hugely successful now, but he’s still just a regular guy making money online and enjoying life.

I’ve learned a lot from him, and I continue to learn new things from his content to this day.

Is Ecom Elites a scam? Absolutely not. In addition to many of his students who have achieved six and seven figure sales numbers in less than a year, thousands of other individuals and businesses online are making a killing with the methods that Frank teaches.

If you’re at all interested in making money online with ecommerce and dropshipping, I highly recommend you pick up Ecom Elites.

Just download the course and give it a shot. If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to speak up in the Facebook group.

My Tailored Bonus Package ($680 Value)

If you decide to purchase Ecom Elites through my referral link, I’m going to give you a valuable bonus package tailored to ecommerce, at no extra cost.

This is going to be a great help to you in your quest to build a successful ecommerce business, on top of what Frank is already offering.

Before I talk about the bonuses, let me just say that many of them overlap with what Frank teaches in the course, namely dropshipping, Shopify, and ecommerce.

I’m including them because I think it can be a good thing to get different perspectives on the same topic. As you go through them, you’ll undoubtedly learn new strategies and approaches that you didn’t know about before.

Okay, here’s what you’ll get:

Bonus 1: Dropshipping Secrets ($47 Value)

Dropshipping Secrets is a 6-part video training course that shows you the secrets to succeeding with dropshipping, potentially making millions of dollars.

It focuses on a well-known platform that has made many dropshippers wealthy. Add this to your knowledge bank and prosper!

Bonus 2: Dropshipping – In and Out ($47 Value)

Dropshipping – In and Out is a concise guide that gives you the overall picture of making money with dropshipping, using up-to-date strategies and techniques in 2021.

This book explains exactly what dropshipping is, advantages and disadvantages, ecommerce platforms to choose from, niches, traffic and more. This is yet another resource that you can take and add to your online ecommerce toolkit.

Bonus 3: Ecommerce Treasures ($97 Value)

Ecommerce Treasures gives you a powerful system for building profitable ecommerce sites that attract free traffic and sales on autopilot.

The 10-part video series has over an hour of content. Try incorporating some of the strategies in the course with what Frank teaches you.

Bonus 4: Passive Recurring Income With Shopify ($57 Value)

This course comes with a cheat sheet and ebook. In it, you learn about all the different ways you can make more money with your Shopify store, including creating memberships and selling subscriptions.

Once you’ve created your ecommerce store as Frank teaches you inside Ecom Elites, you can use some of the ideas inside this bonus course to grow your business.

Bonus 5: Growth Principle ($67 Value)

The reason most people fail to build a profitable business online is that they don’t have the right mindset. They don’t understand what it takes to be successful and to grow.

Growth Principle addresses that problem. It gets you into the right mindset so that you have the necessary foundation to succeed with not just dropshipping, but any business endeavour.

More specifically, this 78-page e-book shows you how to transform yourself into a person that lives and breeds success.

Bonus 6: Dropshipping Speed Bumps ($47 Value)

You’re pretty much guaranteed to run into obstacles in your ecommerce career, and you need to overcome them. This detailed report reveals the most common pitfalls that dropshippers encounter and how to beat them.

Among other things, you’ll learn about the best dropshipping tools and resources, how to create a smooth customer experience, and how to minimize refunds and returns.

Bonus 7: Make Your First $1000 On Shopify ($47 Value)

This short but very useful video course will give you an additional perspective on prospering with a Shopify store.

It goes over setting up a store, finding products, and gives you a bunch of useful tips that will help you make your first $1000 in this business.

Bonus 8: The Alibaba Insider Secret On-Demand Profit System ($127 Value)

Alibaba is one of the best sources for drop ship products. This full video course gives you the insider secrets and system for making hundreds of dollars a day using the platform.

You’ll learn the best ways to find products, find the best suppliers, and sell products for maximum profit.

Bonus 9: Ecom Mastery ($47 Value)

Ecom Mastery offers yet another valuable perspective on ecommerce, showing you how to find profitable niches, source products, and drive traffic.

It also tells you what you need to know before you even think about getting into dropshipping. Definitely look this over!

Bonus 10: The Ultimate Insider Dropshipping Expose ($97)

If you’re in the ecommerce business, you don’t want to rely just on Shopify for creating and running an online store. There are other great store platforms that you might want to try out at some point in the future.

This full 10-part video course walks you through how to build a successful dropshipping business using WooCommerce, another popular store solution. Broaden your horizons and take a good look at this when you have time.

How To Get These Bonuses

After purchase, email me at Once I’ve confirmed your purchase of Ecom Elites, I’ll send you access to the bonuses.

Thanks for reading my Ecom Elites review. Note that I am an affiliate for Ecom Elites. The views expressed here are my own and are not official statements by Franklin Hatchett.

Ecom Elites


Value Of Content








Long-Term Value



  • The stuff Frank teaches works.
  • It gives you the big picture of dropshipping and ecommerce.
  • The course is kept updated.
  • The course has a lot of bonus content.
  • The course is in over-the-shoulder video format.


  • Most of the good traffic methods require initial investment.
  • You might be overwhelmed by the huge amount of content.
  • Some of the videos drag on too long.
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