Commission Hero Review – 3 Simple Steps To $1,000 Per Day?

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Affiliate marketing is based on a simple concept: promote someone’s product and get paid a commission for sales you make. I have reviewed many affiliate marketing training programs on this blog — some good, some not so good.

There are certainly a lot of programs and courses out there that claim to teach you how to prosper with affiliate marketing. Commission Hero is one of them.

I didn’t know much about Commission Hero until recently, but I kept hearing people talk about it and decided to see what is was all about.

Now, I want to write an honest review of it so you can answer these questions for yourself:

How can Commission Hero help me make an affiliate marketing income online?

Is it a good course? Is it worth the investment?

If you’re interested in Commission Hero and are on the fence, don’t make any decision until you’ve read this eye-opening review.

Here’s what I’m going to be covering:

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What is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero Logo

Commission Hero is a training program created by ClickBank super affiliate Robby Blanchard. It teaches a 3-step system to get you “making $1,000 per day online even if you have zero experience”, without a product, website or email list.

Blanchard was named the top ClickBank affiliate in the world in 2019. If you don’t know what ClickBank is, it’s one of the largest and most popular affiliate marketplaces in the world. I use it myself, as do most affiliate marketers worth their salt.

Commission Hero focuses one method of affiliate marketing in particular: making ClickBank commissions using Facebook Ads.

This is in sharp contrast to other affiliate marketing platforms I’ve reviewed in the past like Wealthy Affiliate, Affilorama and Affiliate Marketing Mastery, which teach you how to build up niche websites. It’s even different from paid advertising courses like Super Affiliate System which have a broader scope.

Blanchard launched Commission Hero in 2019. I’m going to take an objective look at the course in this review, so it’ll be judged on its true merit. I’m also going to take a look at Blanchard himself and evaluate his credibility.

The Commission Hero training can be divided into four main parts:

  1. Getting Started: introduces you to the concept of affiliate marketing and discusses websites and tools you’ll be using in your business.
  2. Offers & Landing Pages: walks you through how to find the best offers to promote on sites like ClickBank and MaxWeb. Blanchard also shows you how to set up your landing pages with ClickFunnels.
  3. Facebook Ad Setup: takes you step-by-step through finding the best ad images, setting up your targeting, setting up a Facebook pixel, and more.
  4. Tracking & Scaling: shows you how to install tracking links, which metrics are the most important to track, and how to scale your profitable ads.

There are nearly 50 lessons within the course. Beyond that, you also get:

  • done-for-you ads and landing pages, including ad images that have made Blanchard millions of dollars
  • access to a private coaching group
  • additional Facebook training to supercharge your results
  • live weekly Q&As
  • Snapchat and email marketing training

You also get a few other bonuses including insider contacts for commission increases and access to a Facebook insider.

Commission Hero Results

Wooden sign with the word "results" written on it

Commission Hero sure takes plenty of opportunities to showcase the results and success stories of its students.

Here are some notable cases:

  • Jorgen: took the Commission Hero course, and six weeks later, made over $30,000 in sales in one week, with thousands of dollars in profit.
  • Gordana: didn’t have a clue about Facebook ads coming into this. A month after taking the course, she hit her first $230+ day.
  • Carly: had never run an ad or boosted a post before. Four weeks after joining Commission Hero, she had numerous $100+ days on ClickBank and even broke $400 in sales in a day.
  • Jeff: less than two months after joining Commission Hero, he started having consistent days of $1,000+ in ClickBank sales, bringing his total sales to over $10,000 in a week.
  • Patrick: after being in Commission Hero for only 2-3 weeks, he started to achieve $4,000+ days, with a profit margin of 30-40%.

There are many more success stories, which you can hear about on the sales page and in the videos. Keep in mind that most of these figures indicate revenue; profit is a whole other story.

I won’t spend a lot more time talking about them, because at the end of the day, what’s important is whether or not this course is worth getting.

A Preview Of Commission Hero

Let me now give you a brief tour of the inside of Commission Hero.

Once you purchase the course and log in, you’ll be taken to the members area. It should look something like this (future updates may change the layout or menu items):

Commission Hero Members Area Start
Commission Hero Members Area

From this page, you can access everything including the course, inner circle training, private Facebook group, and support.

Each section on the left side leads to a series of lessons:

Commission Hero Members Area Lesson List

Below many of the video lessons are links to downloadable content that compliments the course such as checklists.

I find the organization to be a little messy in the sense that the bonuses, DFY assets, and other content is just thrown in left-side menu. But I suppose you can find your way around okay.

If you go to the inner circle section, for example, you’ll see something like this:

Commission Hero Members Area Inner Circle Section

Here’s the private Facebook group:

Commission Hero Private Facebook Group
Commission Hero Private Facebook Group

At the time of writing, the Facebook group has over 7500 members, which is very impressive considering the cost of enrollment.

Back to the members area, if you need help or have a question, you can use the Support link in the top navigation.

That covers most of it. I’ve honestly seen better-looking members areas in my day, but it’s fairly easy to navigate and it more or less gets the job done.

What I Like About Commission Hero

1. Blanchard is the perfect role model.

Robby Blanchard 1

When you think about it, there’s no one better to teach you how to make money online with ClickBank than Robby Blanchard.

As I mentioned before, Blanchard was named the #1 ClickBank affiliate in the world in 2019. He has made millions of dollars promoting products on the platform, and he has given proof that he has made up to $50,000 per day in sales.

The guy is a proven success and knows his stuff when it comes to Facebook Ads and ClickBank offers. All else being equal, of course you’d want to pick him to show you his successful system.

2. It offers some of the best Facebook Ads training you can find.

Facebook Logomark

When it comes to in-depth training that shows you how to make money sending Facebook ad traffic to affiliate offers, there aren’t many training courses out there that can beat Commission Hero.

Commission Hero teaches you how to use Facebook Ads from an affiliate marketing perspective rather than in a general sense. This means that you learn how to actually make money with the platform instead of just sending clicks to a web page.

Furthermore, what you learn in Commission Hero can help you succeed with other paid ad and affiliate marketing platforms beyond Facebook Ads or ClickBank.

3. The testimonials pack a lot of punch.

Commission Hero Testimonial Sales Snapshot

Let’s be honest: the testimonials are impressive. Countless people have joined Commission Hero and progressed to making thousands of dollars per day following the training.

Just look at the ClickBank daily sales snapshots from many of his students. Some have been able to scale to nearly $20,000 in commissions per day.

All of this speaks to the fact that Blanchard’s methods work, if you put in the time and effort required.

What I Don’t Like About Commission Hero

1. It requires a huge investment up front.

Coins and banknotes

Commission Hero deals with Facebook paid advertising. The thing about Facebook ads is that it can be really expensive, and when you’re scaling up winning ads, you could get to the point where you’re spending thousands of dollars per day running ads.

The goal is to make profit, so you’ll ideally be making back what you spend in ads, but it’s still hard to swallow having an expensive that huge.

That’s not all. Throughout the training, Blanchard also recommends various tools that can get quite expensive. Examples are ClickFunnels at a minimum of $97/month, AWeber at a minimum of $19/month, and ClickMagick at around $67/month.

Further yet, Blanchard apparently offers an upsell within Commission Hero to join an “inner circle” at around $297/month.

If you were to buy all of the offers just mentioned, you’d be spending at least $480/month in addition to potentially thousands of dollars a month on advertising. That’s too much for a lot of people to handle, and frankly, I don’t blame them.

In terms of initial outlay, there are much better options for building a business online.

2. The course is very expensive.

Price Tag Graphic

Commission Hero costs $997. This is a lot more expensive than many affiliate marketing trainings I know about.

Also, as I just mentioned above, Blanchard tries to push an upsell on you that costs $297/month, so the initial cost doesn’t even include everything.

Let’s face it: people looking to build a business online are probably strapped for cash and will have a hard time affording this.

Of course, I’m not saying that Commission Hero won’t help you become successful. What I am saying is that if you’re not a total idiot, you can get the education you need to build a thriving affiliate marketing business without having to make an investment this large.

3. It narrowly focuses on ClickBank and Facebook Ads.

ClickBank & Facebook Logomarks

While there is some material that deviates like the Snapchat training, Commission Hero has a narrow focus on one traffic method and one affiliate marketplace: Facebook Ads and ClickBank.

While this can be an excellent avenue to build an income online, there’s so much more to affiliate marketing than just these two tools. There are so many more paid traffic sources at your fingertips like media buys and Google, YouTube, Bing, Pinterest and Twitter Ads.

There’s also organic (free) traffic from YouTube channels or niche blogs, which can come in passively for years to come. This is what I do, and the benefit of this is that you don’t have to keep running ads to keep your business going.

The more flexible you are in your online marketing, and the less dependent you are on any one method, tool, resource or business model, the better off you’ll be.

4. You risk Facebook ad account bans.

Gavel illustration

Commission Hero teaches you to send Facebook visitors to a landing page before sending them to an affiliate offer. This helps skirt the Facebook rule that prevents advertisers from directly linking to affiliate offers.

Blanchard does a good job of explaining how Facebook ad compliance works and how to minimize your chances of getting your ad account temporarily or even permanently shut down.

However, when you use Blanchard’s method, there’s still risk, especially since he encourages you to promote offers that Facebook tends to dislike.

In fact, during the current pandemic and societal restrictions, Facebook’s algorithms seem to have tightened, making it easier than ever for your ad account to get banned.

While many of Blanchard’s students have reported banned ad accounts, almost all of them have been reinstated after an appeal. Nevertheless, banned ad accounts means lost time and more cost due to lost advert optimization.

In addition, if you can’t get an ad account reinstated for whatever reason, it means that you can’t run Facebook Ads on that account for anything else in the future. I myself had an ad account banned in the past, and it wasn’t a fun experience.

5. The refund policy is harsh.

If you read the refund policy on the Commission Hero sales page, it says:

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can request a refund within the first 14 days after purchase as long as you did not access any of the training.

Commission Hero Refund Policy Highlight 1

This isn’t a very useful policy. Who would buy the course and want to return it without checking out the training first? Not many, I imagine.

At one point, the sales page stated that refund requests would only be considered 12 months after purchase, and the refund window would only last for seven days. I believe this is still the case.

It’s understandable that Blanchard would want to weed out the tire kickers (what kind of tire kicker would casually drop $1,000 though?), but this refund policy goes too far in my view. It will virtually lock people into the purchase whether they have regrets or not.

I think this kind of policy would scare away just as many legitimate sales as it would hold on to sales. It certainly would make me think twice about buying the course.

Commission Hero Pricing

Commission Hero offers one version of the product, but there are two options for payment:

  1. Two monthly payments of $597.
  2. A single payment of $997.
Commission Hero Pricing

The first options spreads out the payment over two months, but you end up paying a total of $1,194, which is $197 more than the one-time payment.

Whichever way you go, you get the exact same benefits, including the training, DFY assets, coaching and weekly Q&As, and bonuses.

I wouldn’t recommend either option because this isn’t the course to get (more on that soon). But if you had to jump on board, I would make the one-time payment if you can afford it. If you can’t afford it, consider the monthly plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard grew up in Massachusetts, USA, and is a retired fitness coach and gym owner.

In 2015, he began selling digital products, and in the years following he delved into affiliate marketing. Fast forward to 2019, he became the top ClickBank affiliate in the world, making as much as $50,000 in a single day.

Get a feel for Blanchard and more background on his story in this video:

Is Commission Hero a scam or is it legit?

Commission Hero is definitely not a scam. It provides the in-depth training and other benefits that it promises.

Moreover, Robby Blanchard is a guy who makes real money online, and a lot of it. He also has a proven history of helping others achieve results with ClickBank offers.

That said, the very high cost of the program might cause some people to feel that Commission Hero isn’t worth it.

How does Commission Hero compare with Super Affiliate System?

Super Affiliate System Vs. Commission Hero Logos

Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing course that was launched in 2015 by online entrepreneur John Crestani.

The program has a lot of similarities to Commission Hero:

  • it contains a video training course that shows you how to make thousands of dollars per day in affiliate commissions with paid advertising
  • it contains DFY assets like ad setups and landing pages
  • it contains access to weekly coaching calls and a coaching group
  • it costs $997, the same as Commission Hero

Both courses focus on paid advertising as the primary method for building a profitable online business.

However, Super Affiliate System has a wider scope and explores other tools and resources in addition to Facebook Ads and ClickBank — Google and YouTube Ads are examples. Commission Hero almost exclusively focuses on ClickBank offers and Facebook Ads.

I would say that both programs have solid training. Super Affiliate System is older, but it has more coverage.

I actually don’t recommend either course. But if I had to choose, I would go with Super Affiliate System because you get a bigger picture of affiliate marketing with paid advertising. Things can change, and the more avenues you are able to go down, the safer you’ll be.

You can read my full review of Super Affiliate System here.

An Alternative Program

Commission Hero delivers good, focused affiliate marketing training, particularly when it comes to Facebook ads and ClickBank offers.

But the reality is that when you need to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into paid advertising, the last thing you need is to drop $1,000 for a course on top of that. Most people looking to make money online aren’t going to have the budget for all of this.

I wouldn’t recommend you bother with Commission Hero at all. There have been an eyebrow-raising number of complaints about it from people who bought the course — many consider it overhyped and lacking depth.

When it comes to the education you need to succeed with affiliate marketing and online marketing in general, there are great options out there that will have a much lesser impact on your wallet. This is important when you’re just starting out.

One such option that I want to to recommend to you right now is a training program called Savage Affiliates.

Why I Recommend Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates Logo

First off, what is Savage Affiliates? It’s a full affiliate marketing course created by 7-figure marketer Franklin Hatchett that walks you through everything you need to know to make a full-time affiliate marketing income online.

Frank teaches you the cutting-edge affiliate marketing methods and strategies that work today. He teaches you how to build an online business from the ground up, with methods that he has used himself to achieve amazing results.

In addition to this, you get full access to a private Facebook group where you can share results, ask questions, and help others. This community consists of Savage Affiliates customers and Frank himself, who you can talk to one-on-one.

The course contains over 10 video modules, each with 5-20 videos walking you through every step of the process. It’s the better choice over Commission Hero because:

1. It gives you a much bigger picture of affiliate marketing.

As I’ve alluded to before, Commission Hero has a very narrow focus: running Facebook Ads to ClickBank affiliate offers.

Creating profitable ads and scaling them is great, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of affiliate marketing.

Savage Affiliates gives you a much bigger picture. Not only does it cover paid traffic (Facebook Ads and others) and ClickBank in-depth, but it also explores:

  • building out entire funnels that will put your commissions into overdrive
  • building websites that will make you money for years to come
  • search engine optimization (SEO), including how to build backlinks
  • choosing the best offers from various affiliate marketplaces
  • harnessing free traffic sources like Quora, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media

Savage Affiliates teaches you many different business models under the umbrella of affiliate marketing. This allows you to choose a method that you like the most.

In contrast, the main training of Commission Hero doesn’t give you a lot of flexibility in what you do.

2. It costs 70% less than Commission Hero.

Commission Hero costs $997. You already know my thoughts about that.

With Savage Affiliates, you get some of the best affiliate marketing training online and a private Facebook community for only a couple hundred dollars, depending on the package you choose. The more expensive package is less than 30% of the cost of Commission Hero.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Pricing & Features

Frank keeps the course updated too. He recently came out with a major 2.0 update to Savage Affiliates, adding the latest strategies and techniques for success.

Ultimately, Savage Affiliates provides arguably better training material and a community that’s just as helpful for a much more economical cost. It’s the most value-packed affiliate marketing course I know of.

3. The refund policy is much more friendly.

The refund policy of Commission Hero is bizarre and, quite frankly, terrible. If you access the training at all, you pretty much can’t even get a refund; at best, you may be able to get one after 12 months.

Frank’s refund policy for Savage Affiliates, on the other hand, is much more generous. As long as you’ve taken action on the material in the course and didn’t get the results you were hoping for, you can request a refund within 30 days.

This strikes a nice balance between weeding out the tire kickers and not screwing over legit people who don’t like the program.

With Savage Affiliates, you can feel much more at ease that if you genuinely give it a shot but it doesn’t work out, you can get your money back.

Savage Affiliates Bonuses

Bonus Package Icon

What’s more, I’m offering a tailored bonus package for those who try Savage Affiliates under my link. These bonuses are going to be a great help to you in your quest to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

You can see what these bonuses are in my Savage Affiliates review.

Once you purchase Savage Affiliates, you can email me at with the name you purchased under, and I’ll send over the bonuses after verification.


Commission Hero delivers decent affiliate marketing training, coaching resources, and some other cool benefits designed to get you on the path to success with ClickBank offers and paid Facebook advertising.

Unfortunately, it has some shortcomings:

  • at $997, it’s too expensive — you can get the training you need to build a successful affiliate marketing business without spending anywhere near this amount of money
  • is only covers one narrow method
  • the refund policy is almost unworkable
  • many people feel it doesn’t give the depth of training that justifies a $1K price tag

In my view, this isn’t a program that you want to get involved in. Instead, the affiliate marketing training that I recommend is Savage Affiliates.

Savage Affiliates costs 70% less than Commission Hero. It covers everything that CH covers plus more, and Frank is a great teacher and reputable influencer.

Just pick it up and give it a try. Remember that if it doesn’t work for you, you can refund it within 30 days.

Thanks for reading my Commission Hero review. Note that I am an affiliate for Savage Affiliates. The views expressed here are my own and are not official statements by Franklin Hatchett.

Commission Hero






Value Of Content









  • Blanchard has credibility in spades
  • Very useful Facebook Ads training
  • Plenty of impressive testimonials from students


  • Very expensive
  • The method requires a big investment up front
  • A narrow focus on Facebook Ads and ClickBank
  • You may get one or more of your FB ad accounts banned
  • Harsh, unworkable refund policy
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