Ecom Warrior Academy Review – The Ideal Ecom Solution?

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Thanks to the evolution of the Internet, it has never been easier for people to make their own money and enjoy their own freedom without being chained to a traditional job.

One of the best to do this is by opening an online store and selling physical goods. Back in the day, most stores would follow the conventional model of buying and stocking their inventory. These days, there’s a better, less risky, simpler model for ecommerce called dropshipping.

With dropshipping, you don’t stock any inventory. Instead, you wait until a customer makes a purchase, and then your supplier ships the product directly to the customer. It’s completely hands-off for you, and a true game-changer for the industry.

There are certainly a lot of programs and courses out there that claim to teach you how to prosper with dropshipping. Ecom Warrior Academy is one of them.

Matthew Lepre
Matthew Lepre, the guy behind EWA

Ecom Warrior Academy was created by self-proclaimed “7-figure” online entrepreneur Matthew Lepre, who is one of the most popular online figures in Australia.

It’s a training course and mentorship program that walks you through how to build a dropship e-commerce store that brings in at least six figures in revenue per year.

A while back, I went through Lepre’s funnel, did in-depth research, and looked into the offer. Today, I want to write an honest, comprehensive review of the course so you can answer these questions for yourself:

How can Ecom Warrior Academy help me build a successful dropshipping business online?

Is it a good program? Is it worth the investment?

If you’re interested in Ecom Warrior Academy and are on the fence, don’t make any decision until you’ve read this eye-opening review.

Here’s what I’m going to be covering in the review:

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What is Ecom Warrior Academy?

Ecom Warrior Academy Main Logo

Since you’re reading this review, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what Ecom Warrior Academy is.

But in fact, it’s hard to tell what exactly EWA is just by visiting the website. Lepre claims that he can “help you escape the education and employment system by teaching you how to start a profitable online E-commerce store of your own”.

From this, you can assume that EWA is some kind of e-commerce training solution, and you’d be correct.

Ecom Warrior Academy is a mentorship and training program that shows you step-by-step how to create your own successful dropshipping store. The program walks you through store creation, branding, shipping & logistics, customer service, and more.

Background: Matthew’s Story

You’ll surely hear about the story of Matthew Lepre, the guy who created the course, if you haven’t already.

At one point, Lepre was totally broke and working from his laptop in western Sydney. Over the next few years, he cracked the code, building several e-commerce businesses that were pulling six figures a year.

With years of experience and having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars testing methods and strategies, Lepre eventually created his complete plan for building a successful e-commerce business that, apparently, anyone could replicate.

Today, Lepre has a decent-sized social media following on YouTube and Instagram. But truth be told, the engagement he gets on his content doesn’t seem to be the greatest.

With that background info out of the way, let’s get back to Ecom Warrior Academy. The program can be divided into two main parts:

1. Free Video Training

Ecom Warrior Academy Free Training Video

Lepre offers free training that is directly accessible from the website. It’s the first destination he wants you to arrive at before he tries to rope you into his paid offer.

He recently came out with an updated 2020 training: it’s simply a 25-minute video that you can find on YouTube.

In the video, Lepre gives a general overview of how beginners can start an online e-commerce business. The checklist touches on:

  • the types of e-com businesses (traditional and dropship)
  • product guidance
  • registering and managing your business
  • getting a domain and brand logo
  • using a store platform (Shopify)
  • traffic and ads

He then directs you to to apply for his mentoring program.

2. Mentoring & Training Program

This is the big offer that I’m sure you were expecting to see at some point. You didn’t think he was going to give you some general info in a video and just leave it at that, did you?

If you manage to get on a call with Lepre and his team, they may fill you in on what this program is about.

This is partly a training course and partly a mentorship program, and depending on what you say on the application and in the phone call, you may not even qualify to join.

On the mentorship side of things, you get Q&A calls, access to a private Facebook mastermind group, email support, and 1-on-1 consultations, among other things.

On the training side of things, you get access to Lepre’s step-by-step course designed for beginners showing you how to build a successful Shopify e-commerce store from scratch.

Ecom Warrior Academy Results

Ecom Warrior Academy Testimonials

Lepre displays the results of his students prominently on the main page of his website.

Some notable cases include:

  • Ashwin (15): this 15-year-old kid took Matthew and Stallon’s dropshipping course and brought his business from $0 to $140,000 AUD in less than four months.
  • Dev (24): from Sydney, Australia, this guy made $5000 within five days of launching his first store after going through the program.
  • Don (21): took two other e-com courses and didn’t get any results. After just a few days of getting started with Matt and Stallon’s program, he made $3000 in sales.
  • Guy (25): went through Ecom Warrior Academy and managed to bring his e-commerce business to $48,000 USD in sales in less than a year, with his best month being $13,600.

Lepre also has screenshots of Facebook ads bringing in over $160,000 and $80,000 in sales in two months.

There are more success stories, which you’ll surely hear about in the pitch for the mentorship program.

I won’t spend much more time talking about them, because at the end of the day, what’s important is the quality of the program and if the methods are proven to work.

A Quick Tour Of Ecom Warrior Academy

Now I’ll briefly walk you through the process of joining the Ecom Warrior Academy program from scratch.

The first thing you should do to get acquainted with Lepre is watch his free training video. From the homepage, click on “Free Training” in the top navigation.

Ecom Warrior Academy Homepage

Lepre gives an overview of starting an e-commerce business here. At the end, he says that you can apply for his mentorship program if you want more help.

The next step, then, is to go to the application.

Ecom Warrior Academy Application

The info you need to fill out is pretty basic, for the most part.

Caution: Watch the question “How much would you be able to invest in yourself?” If you choose the option “$0-$500”, you’ll be auto-declined for the mentoring program and be offered a $49 mastermind instead.

Lepre uses a pre-qualification process for the mentorship program. It’s a great way to give legitimacy to the offer, but whether he does any serious screening besides looking at the investment number in your application is doubtful.

If you want to get on a call, choose “Yes” for the last question.

If you’ve submitted the application and everything is in order, you can expect a call from Matt’s team.

Eventually, they’ll tell you about the Ecom Warrior Academy training and mentoring program. They will reveal that the cost of this program is around $4,000.

If you join this program, you’ll get access to all the benefits that come with it including a full course of training videos and mentoring. I’ll talk more about the program and its price in the pricing section of the review.

What I Like About Ecom Warrior Mastermind

1. The stuff it teaches works.

To start, Matt is an internet millionaire (presumably) and has solid social credit to back him up.

More than that, the system he teaches in Ecom Warrior Academy is proven to work. It’s along the lines of what most people teach in other online dropshipping courses.

It might take time and consistent effort, but if you follow through with what he teaches in the training and you’re not a total idiot, you will see results.

2. It doesn’t just teach one method.

Many e-commerce dropshipping courses teach the method of finding dropshipping products on AliExpress and running Facebook ads.

While this was a great method back in the day and still works well, it’s not a good idea to rely on it years into the future, especially considering the issues China is dealing with.

Fortunately, Matt doesn’t just cover this particular method. He shows you how to find products from other sources, take in your own inventory, and use other traffic sources like social media.

You get a bigger picture of online e-commerce, and it allows you to diversify.

3. New training is added regularly.

Part of the deal with Ecom Warrior Academy is that new videos are added to the training on a monthly basis. This means that you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with what’s working and not working.

This is pretty crucial, because when it comes to online business, things can change fast, and you need to adapt.

In addition to this, you get lifetime access to all videos, so you don’t need to worry about rushing through them on a time limit.

What I Don’t Like About Ecom Warrior Mastermind

1. It’s crazy expensive.

Money bag

When I first saw the price tag for Ecom Warrior Academy of $4,000, I was pretty flabbergasted.

There are elite programs that cost more than this, don’t get me wrong, but when you compare the training of EWA with comparable dropshipping training you can find online, the cost is just way out of whack.

There’s little doubt that the mentoring aspect of the program is what is massively inflating the cost. But even so, most people interested in learning how to start an e-commerce business don’t have or aren’t willing to drop this kind of money right off the bat. So what’s the point?

I think Lepre really needs to make his program more accessible. Sure, you don’t want to undervalue it and attract people who aren’t serious, but $4,000 is just going overboard considering what you get for it.

This is by far the biggest negative of Ecom Warrior Academy, and for many, it’s a dealbreaker.

2. It’s difficult to find information about what EWA is.

Woman pondering and questioning

I reckon most people will be confused when they go to the Ecom Warrior Academy website. There’s a link to an application, a menu link to a free training video, and that’s it.

But what is Ecom Warrior Academy? Where’s the information about the course? Why is it hidden behind the scenes?

I don’t like when course creators do this, but I understand that Lepre wants you to go through his funnel first.

Still, there’s no way to get info about what his mentorship program involves unless you get on a call with him. Many people won’t want to go this far.

Lepre should let people cut to the chase if they don’t want to jump through a bunch of hoops first.

3. An initial investment in paid ads is all but required.

Ad Space Graphic

The reality is that if you’re serious about getting your online dropshipping store off the ground, you need to run paid ads. Free traffic methods usually won’t be enough.

And even though the paid ads are set up for you to make your money back plus profit, you’re going to have to invest a decent chunk of money in the beginning to run and test the ads. For example, it’s a good idea to have an initial budget of $1000 or more to test Facebook ads.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of getting into the e-commerce space. If you’re looking to invest little or no money to build your business, it probably isn’t for you.

Ecom Warrior Academy Pricing

Ecom Warrior Academy seems to have two different offers, but it’s hard to find this information because it’s not available anywhere.

Millionaire Mastermind

This is a mindset mentoring program that costs $49. It’s what Lepre’s team will recommend to you if they feel you don’t qualify for their main program based on how you fill out the application.

This is designed to get you into the mindset to where you’re willing to make a real investment in your online business education.

Ecom Warrior Academy

This is the main program that Lepre offers. It’s a training course and mentoring program that costs roughly $4,000.

If Lepre and his team feel that you’re serious enough based on how you fill out the application, this is what they’ll talk about with you on the call.

Here’s what is included in each part of the offer:


This training is designed with complete beginners in mind. It’s in video format and covers:

  • creating a Shopify store and branding it
  • finding products
  • dealing with shipping, logistics, and customer service
  • getting eyeballs on your store through social media and paid ads

You also get access to a private community where you can ask questions and get useful insights. New training content is added on a regular basis.


The mentorship gives you:

  • two group Q&A mentoring calls every month, where you can get your questions answered and concerns addressed
  • unlimited email support
  • a 1-on-1 strategy consultation with e-com expert Stallon Zayya
  • daily calls with Zayya

You don’t get direct access to Matt as part of the mentoring offer, but what you do get is still pretty substantial. Whether it’s worth the four-figure price tag or not is another matter.

I don’t think either offer is worth your time, unless you place massive importance on mentoring and having personal access to gurus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ecom Warrior Academy legit or a scam?

No, Ecom Warrior Academy isn’t strictly a scam. It provides the in-depth training and mentoring benefits that it promises.

Having said that, the outrageous cost of the program might cause some people to feel that EWA is scammy. It depends on how you look at it.

Can you get access to Ecom Warrior Academy for free?

No. You can view the training categories, but you need to register as a member in order to access the content.

Is Ecom Warrior Academy the best dropshipping course in Australia?

Founder Matthew Lepre is certainly one of the most popular online entrepreneurs in Australia.

But unless you want the person behind the dropshipping course to be Australian for whatever reason, then you’re much better off looking elsewhere.

An Alternative Program

Ecom Warrior Academy gives you a nice e-com presentation with solid dropshipping training and helpful support resources, but at the end of the day, it’s not even close to being worth the cost.

In fact, I wouldn’t recommend you bother with Ecom Warrior Academy at all.

When it comes to the education you need to succeed with dropshipping and e-commerce in general, there are better options out there — options that will get you to where you want to go relatively quickly and without taking a sledgehammer to your bank account.

One such option that I want to to recommend to you right now is a training program called Ecom Elites.

Why I Recommend Ecom Elites

eCom Elites Main Logo

First off, what is Ecom Elites? It’s a complete dropshipping course created by 7-figure entrepreneur Franklin Hatchett that walks you through everything you need to know to make a full-time income online.

Frank is from New Zealand (a Kiwi, as they call them), so Australians looking for a good e-com course may be able to relate to him on some level.

Frank teaches you cutting-edge dropshipping methods and strategies that work today, using the top-tier Shopify platform. He teaches you how to build an e-commerce store from the ground up and promote it with methods that he has used himself to achieve amazing results.

In addition to this, you get full access to a private Facebook group where you can share results, ask questions, and help others. This community consists of Ecom Elites customers and Frank himself, who you can talk to one-on-one.

The course contains at least 9 video modules, each with hours of video walking you through every step of the process. It’s better than Ecom Warrior Academy because:

1. It teaches you more.

Ecom Warrior Academy does a decent job of giving you the bigger picture of online e-commerce, instead of just teaching one product source and one traffic source.

But Ecom Elites gives you an even bigger picture. Not only does it walk you through creating a Shopify store, finding products, and paid advertising, but it also goes in-depth into:

  • finding the best suppliers
  • spying on other stores
  • pricing your products
  • getting organic SEO traffic
  • getting traffic through Google Ads
  • email marketing & chatbots
  • how to take advantage of sales funnels

Ecom Elites gives you a ton of avenues to explore. The main training of EWA is unfortunately more narrow in its scope.

2. It costs far less in the long run.

Ecom Warrior Academy has the balls to charge at least $4,000 for their opportunity. That’s about 10% of the annual income of most people, which is pretty insane.

With Ecom Elites, you get some of the best dropshipping training online and a private Facebook community for a one-time price of only a couple hundred dollars, depending on the package you choose.

Ecom Elites Pricing & Features

Frank keeps the course updated too. He recently came out with a major 2.0 update to Ecom Elites, adding the latest strategies and techniques for success.

When it comes down to it, Ecom Elites provides arguably better training material and a community that’s just as helpful for a far lower cost.

3. Anyone can take the training.

What I like about Ecom Elites is that anyone can jump on the website, read about the benefits of the course, and buy it right away.

There are no hoops you have to jump through in the beginning like a webinar, a screening application, or a phone call.

This is in stark contrast to Ecom Warrior Academy, which you can’t find any information about whatsoever on the main website. You sit through a 30-minute video and fill out an application so that Lepre’s team can make the determination if you’re “serious enough” and can earn the privilege of paying $4,000 for their program.

Ecom Elites cuts to the chase. You want quality dropshipping training? Buy the course and get cracking. No catches and no worry of being screened out.

Ecom Elites Bonuses

Bonus Package Icon

What’s more, I’m offering a tailored bonus package for those who try Ecom Elites under my link. These bonuses are going to be a great help to you in your quest to build a successful e-commerce business.

You can see what these bonuses are in my Ecom Elites review.

Once you purchase Ecom Elites, you can email me at with the name you purchased under, and I’ll send over the bonuses after verification.


Ecom Warrior Academy is a mentoring & training program that provides solid dropshipping training, a helpful community, and support & mentoring from industry experts.

Unfortunately, it has some big problems that, in my view, don’t make it worth your time. In particular, it’s way too expensive, and it’s too much of a hassle to even get the opportunity to join the program.

Instead, the e-commerce & dropshipping training that I recommend is Ecom Elites.

Ecom Elites only requires a reasonable one-time payment. It provides training that is just as good if not better than EWA, and although it doesn’t offer 1-on-1 mentoring, it provides an extremely helpful inner-circle private community.

Just pick it up and give it a try. If it doesn’t work for you, you can refund it within 30 days.

Thanks for reading my Ecom Warrior Academy review. Note that I am an affiliate for Ecom Elites. The views expressed here are my own and are not official statements by Franklin Hatchett.

Ecom Warrior Academy








Value of Content





  • Effective business model
  • Several growth methods covered
  • New training added regularly


  • Far too expensive
  • Information about EWA is not readily available online
  • Some initial investment in ads is almost required
  • The program is not accessible to the average person
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