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This is my full review of The Pizza Money System by Dr. Ben Adkins.

The Pizza Money System is a training course that shows you how to build your own SMS marketing system and sell it to restaurants who are desperate for customers in this tough time.

Note: This review is 100% honest and objective. I am an affiliate for most products I review, I don’t have an ulterior motive, and most of the time I’ve gone through the whole product in detail before writing about it.

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Ben has a very good reputation in the industry. I don’t have too much experience with his offers, but I was confident going in that Pizza Money would have merit as a solid agency method.

How easy is it to get going with this system? How much investment is required and how quickly can you start seeing results? Is it worth picking up? Read on to find out…


The Pizza Money System was given its name because it was originally tested with pizza shops, where it worked extremely well.

The course first shows you how to set up your own SMS list and broadcast service. This service builds a list of dedicated customers, allowing business owners to keep in contact with special offers, promotions, and other communications.

It then shows you how to pinpoint restaurant clients (any restaurant will work) that would want the service and bring them on board for $200/month.

This is essentially an advertising agency business. You can stack as many clients as you want and build up a monthly recurring income as large as you want.

I’m sure you know how much restaurants are struggling during the current pandemic. This is why many of them would be happy to use this SMS marketing system to get more business.

Even during these times, the local business agency model is still powerful if you take the right approach. This is the perfect time to take advantage.

What is the structure of Pizza Money?

The Pizza Money is a video training course that walks you through how to set up your agency that sells SMS marketing services to restaurants.

It consists of five parts:

Part 1: SMS Service Creation

Cell phone screen

In this section, Ben shows you how to get the SMS List and Broadcast Service up and running. No coding knowledge is required.

The section also contains proven ideas on how to build lists for restaurants, as well as proven broadcast templates.

Part 2: Client Prospecting

The more targeted your prospecting, the greater your chances of securing a client with each contact.

In this section, Ben walks you through the exact steps him and his team use to identify ideal clients. A 5-item checklist will help ensure you’re reaching out to businesses who are likely to be interested in your offer.

Part 3: Approaching Prospects

This section shows you the best ways to put your offer in front of clients. They’ll be able to see how it works first-hand, without you needing to cold call or hit the bricks.

Fliers and Facebook Messenger/email campaigns are included.

Part 4: Closing Prospects

It’s one thing to get a business interested, and it’s a whole other thing to get them to close the deal.

This section gives you the 6-step process on how to run a successful sales meeting (online or in-person) that will get interested prospects to commit. Included are DFY sales presentation slideshow templates.

Part 5: Maintaining Your Client Base

Client graphic

Taking payments, managing the service, and building a client base is crucial for making this work in the long run. This section goes into detail on all of that.

It also shows you how to leave a good impression on new clients in the first three months of their onboarding, maximizing the chances of them staying on long-term.

Once you onboard a client, there’s very little maintenance that you have to do on a monthly basis. This means that you have more time to expand your client base and build your recurring income.

The Pizza Money System Funnel Structure

Front End: The Pizza Money System ($27)

This is the core offer that gives you access to the 5-part video training course.

Take the course, put the steps into action, and start building your business!

OTO 1: The Pizza Money Agency ($47 or $27)

This offer gives you additional agency resources for your business.

If you don’t accept the original offer, you’ll get a downsell offer (the Lite Package) that costs $27.

OTO 2: The Double-Your-Fee Package ($97 or $47)

This offer gives you the secrets to being able to charge clients $400/month, double the $200/month promised on the front end.

This effectively doubles your monthly income, which makes a huge difference as you onboard more clients.

A downsell for this offer is available at $47 — it gives you a more bare-bones guide on making this work.

OTO 2 in particular has huge potential that I think is worth the $97 one-time fee. All it takes is one client to make that money back many times over.

My Tailored Bonus Package ($291 Value)

If you decide to get The Pizza Money System through my referral link, I’m going to give you a custom tailored bonus package at no extra cost, for a limited time.

The bonus is going to be a great help to you in building your online marketing agency business.

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Here’s what you’ll get:

Bonus 1: Video Salesletter Domination ($137 Value)

Bonus Box Art - Video Salesletter Domination

These days, video sales letters are an essential part of any product funnel. When selling your agency’s marketing service, a video sales letter can really help to drive the message home to prospects, impress them, and get them to commit.

This 9-part video course walks you through what you need to know to make a perfect video sales letter, from understanding the audience and pain points to addressing objections.

Bonus 2: Modern Email Marketing & Segmentation ($97 Value)

Bonus - Modern Email Marketing & Segmentation

As you continue to grow your SMS marketing agency business, you’ll inevitably branch out into email marketing, one of the most powerful forms of marketing currently available.

This 10-part video course will show you how to correctly approach email marketing and take advantage of segmentation, so you can do the best possible job for your clients.

Bonus 3: High-Ticket Sales Secrets ($57 Value)

Bonus Cover - High-Ticket Sales Secrets

$200-$400 per month per client is great, but many wouldn’t consider this high-ticket. To take your agency business to the next level, you should introduce a high-ticket product or service that costs $1,000 or more.

Making high-ticket sales is often difficult. This guide will help you understand how to make high-ticket sales to clients the right way, so that you can score big 4-figure paydays.

How To Get These Bonuses

After you purchase The Pizza Money System through my link, you’ll be able to access my bonuses automatically through WarriorPlus, on the Thank You page.

My Thoughts On The Pizza Money System

I generally like agency business models. Why? Because once you’ve built a good solid foundation, you can recruit a team of sales reps that make you sales. Without doing much work yourself, you can build up a massive six or seven-figure income.

I see potential here for just that. During the current pandemic, you might think that approaching local businesses about a product or service is out of the question, but as you’ll see in a method like Pizza Money, this isn’t the case.

Having said that, I do still think it could be tough to get local businesses to make this kind of investment when they’re trying to cling to whatever capital they still have. Also, since many restaurants around the world are closed or must comply with tight capacity limits, you may have a smaller prospect list to work with.

All things considered, this is a great money-making method that can bring you results relatively quickly.

Go through the whole course and learn effective strategies for making this work, if nothing else than to expand your entrepreneurial knowledge bank. Remember that there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk.

Recommended to try? Yes.

I hope you found my review of The Pizza Money System informative and helpful. See my summary and rating of the product below. If you have any questions, feedback or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.

The Pizza Money System




Value Of Content





  • A powerful offline method with great recurring income potential
  • Can help restaurants struggling during the pandemic to find their footing and even prosper
  • The course is well-organized
  • The training videos are clear and helpful


  • I didn't have a great experience with support
  • It may be tough during these times to get restaurants to part with their money
  • Many people won't be comfortable holding meetings themselves
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