Domainer Elite PRO Review + Bonus – Flipping $9 Domains For $1000+?

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This is my full review of Domainer Elite PRO by Jamie Lewis. This is Jamie’s flagship product; he’s a successful online marketer who specializes in flipping domains and websites.

Domainer Elite PRO offers improvements over the first version of the course, and it reveals his secrets, strategies and techniques for flipping $9 domains for big profits.

It’s important to mention that I’ve purchased and used this course myself. This is a 100% honest and informed review.


I’ve put together a package of awesome bonuses that I think complement Domainer Elite PRO very well. You’ll get these bonuses absolutely free if you decide to grab Domainer Elite PRO through my link on this page.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the review to get a description of each of them!

Jamie is an absolute authority online when it comes to flipping domains and websites; he’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing so.

He’s the real deal. With that said, can his course really help the average joe see real results in the domain flipping industry? Is it worth checking out? Read on to find out…

Product Name: Domainer Elite PRO
Creator: Jamie Lewis
Price: $67 with 4 upsells
Money Back Guarantee: 14 days
My Rating: 8.9/10
Recommended to Try: YES


Domainer Elite PRO is a legit product from a proven expert in the domain flipping industry.

It has a good amount of helpful training, valuable custom software designed to help you locate goldmine domains, and access to a thriving marketplace that can get you making sales relatively quickly.

If you’re interested in generating a real income flipping domains and websites online, this is quite honestly the course you should get.

The underlying method works; you just need to take action and follow through, like everything. You should watch all the videos available to you to minimize your chances of getting stuck in the process.

With that said, the organization of the videos in the members area is messy. The front end offer is pricey, and getting good results may not be as easy as you’d think.

If you find yourself struggling, I would recommend purchasing access to the webinars or contacting support at the contact link on the website.

Here’s my video review:

What is Domainer Elite Pro about?

Domainer Elite PRO is a software, instruction, training and resources solution for finding available domain names and flipping them for huge profits.

It’s designed to be the “go-to” destination for anyone who wants to make a living mining and flipping such domains.

Domainer Elite PRO Review Results
Results from Domainer Elite members and beta testers

Not only does Domainer Elite teach you the “selling” aspect of domains, but it also covers arguably the most challenging part of the whole process: actually finding good domains that will sell.

This is the main reason why the original Domainer Elite, which launched in January of 2016, was such a big success.

With the Domainer Elite PRO system, you can:

  • find and sell domains
  • find expired $3000, $5000, $10000, $25000 and $50000+ appraised value domains that you can buy for $10 or less
  • watch Jamie train students to success from his home office and around the world
  • get over 20 custom niche and action word lists
  • get inside Jamie’s mind to learn how he approaches valuing a goldmine domain
  • learn the two word combos that are available yet surprisingly valuable
  • get point-and-click strategies that anyone can follow with ease
  • learn where to sell your goldmine domains
  • learn how to sell $9 domains for high ticket prices
  • learn how to set up a cash site on a domain and make 12X the money
  • get access to the brokers that have been previously only been exclusive to Jamie
  • get a done-for-you domain listing template that sells your domains for you
  • and much more (more explained below)!

What is the structure of Domainer Elite Pro?

Front End ($67)

This is the base product which consists of:

  • all video and written training that teaches you what you need to know about finding and flipping domains for a profit
  • all of the resources detailed above
  • special custom software that will allow you to mine expired and available domains that can be sold for a profit
  • three listings (at any one time) on the Domainer Elite marketplace

Here is a screenshot of the members area:

Domainer Elite PRO Review Members Area
The members area of Domainer Elite

OTO 1 ($47 One Time Or $97/Month)

With this you get unlimited listings in the marketplace, which means you can have as many domains listed on the marketplace as you want at any one time.

If you plan to use the marketplace to sell a ton of domains that you find using the supplied software, this is a very smart choice.

Without this upgrade, you can only have three listings up at any one time – you’re going to need more than that if you plan to take this method seriously. Something to think about.

OTO 2 ($147)

With this you get access to two live webinars every week on Tuesday and Wednesday. In these 3-5 hour webinars, Jamie will answer your questions on the spot, as well as the questions of other students also attending the webinar.

Aside from questions, Jamie will do exercises, lessons, and effectively impart his domaining knowledge onto you.

If you like the idea of scheduled classes, and you think you could really benefit from getting your questions answered by Jamie every week, this is something you should definitely consider.

You might think the $147 price tag is too steep, but these webinars will be running twice a week for the foreseeable future, so you’d be getting some serious long-term value. Jamie has been doing these webinars since 2011.

OTO 3 ($497)

With this you get to download Jamie’s entire business.

Now, I believe Jamie put up the wrong video on the upsell page, so unfortunately I don’t have much information on this one (no, I didn’t buy it either).

I encourage you to contact his team here to get more information about it.

OTO 4 ($997)

With this you get your own custom done-for-you website. Jamie will work exclusively with you to create:

  • custom copywriting
  • a customized complete website (exclusive)
  • a custom logo with a custom domain name
  • the PSDs to your graphics and docs of your copy that you can edit if you want
  • your site set up on Clickbank or using PayPal
  • traffic strategy access forever
  • actual physical assistance and hands on tech support
  • a personal relationship with Jamie and his team
  • everything needed to have a web-based property

The price of this might turn you away, but this is actually a really great offer. The reason is that once you put down the money, Jamie and his team will do all the work for you setting up a website that could potentially bring you hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

All you’ll need to do is set up traffic campaigns, which Jamie’s assistant will help you with as well. This is as much a fast-track to success as I’ve ever seen.

If you’re not in a position to drop this amount of money, that’s fine, but you absolutely should not write this off. The investment will be worth it.

My Tailored Bonus Offering ($164 Value)

To make room on my file hosting service and hard drive, I will normally remove bonuses for products that have been out for a while.

As you read this, there’s a chance that the following bonuses may not be around for much longer. Get them now and don’t miss out!

Here are the bonuses you’ll get if you buy Domainer Elite PRO through my referral:

Bonus 1: Domain Cash Generator ($97 Value)

Domain Cash Generator

Domain Cash Generator is a comprehensive 7-video course (over an hour and a half of video content!) that reveals insider secrets and systems for fast-flipping domain names for big profits.

It covers finding and registering domain names, making passive income from them without flipping, and the process of actually flipping them for profit.

This course supplements all the content found in Domainer Elite PRO.

Bonus 2: Mind Power Mastery ($67 Value)

Mind Power Mastery

Mind Power Mastery is a complete 8-part homestudy course for overcoming your excuses and mastering your mind.

It covers how to control your state of mind, control your attention, grow your wealth, achieve your success, and much more.

Use the techniques in this course to take your domaining business to a whole other level.

I would normally charge for these value-packed bonuses, but you’ll be able to get both of them absolutely free if you grab Domainer Elite PRO through my link.

My Thoughts On Domainer Elite PRO

I think it goes without saying that Domainer Elite PRO is not a scam. I think that if you want to learn how to make a living flipping domains and websites online, this product is pretty much a must-get.

Jamie is an expert, a proven success in this industry. Unlike other marketers who come out with a new product every two weeks and abandon their old ones, Domainer Elite is Jamie’s baby; it’s his flagship course that he’s been updating and supporting for years and will continue to update and support.

You never have to worry about buying an obsolete, irrelevant product when it comes to Domainer Elite.

Once you go through all the videos and training Jamie has available, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert in domaining. The skills you learn will serve you for the rest of your online career.

Just keep in mind that because the front end purchase comes with custom software and access to the marketplace, the price point isn’t the cheapest out there. It doesn’t matter much though, because once you apply yourself, you can make your investment back quickly.

Recommended? YES.

I hope you found my review of Domainer Elite PRO informative and helpful. See my summary and rating of the product below. If you have any questions, feedback or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

Domainer Elite PRO




Value of Content


Long-Term Potential







  • Excellent domain software
  • Valuable marketplace
  • Responsive support


  • Messy and disorganized members area
  • Pricey front end
  • Not as easy to get results as it might seem
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