Commission Code Review + Bonus – $11,000 With 15 Minutes Setup?

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This is my full review of Commission Code by Ben Martin. Commission Code claims to reveal the simple code that made Ben $11,527.85 in 27 days with only 15 minutes of setup time.

Note that I’m NOT reviewing Commission Code with the sole intent of funneling traffic to some other offer I’m an affiliate for that I claim is “better”. I am an affiliate for just about all of the products I review, I don’t have an ulterior motive, and most of the time I’ve gone through the whole product in detail before writing about it. This is a 100% honest review and objective review of the product.

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Bonuses: I’ve put together a package of awesome bonuses that I think complement Commission Code very well. You’ll get these bonuses absolutely free if you decide to grab Commission Code through my link on this page. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the review to get a description of each of them!

Ben is the real deal; he makes multiple six figures online and he has a couple of very successful product launches under his belt, including Commission Resurrection. I came into this expecting more of the same quality. How does this offer shake up? Is it worth picking up? Do I recommend it? Keep reading to find out…

Product Name: Commission Code
Creator: Ben Martin
Price: $9.95 with 3 upsells
Money Back Guarantee: 45 days
My Rating: 9.1/10
Recommended to Try: YES

Summary: Commission Code contains 7 of Ben Martin’s hottest, most profitable affiliate campaigns. Each campaign contains review videos, bonus pages, bonuses, blog posts, email swipes and more which you can simply copy and paste and start making money with. With Commission Code, Ben has taken the learning curve of putting everything together yourself out of the equation. This is a golden opportunity to make some fast money that you can reinvest into your online business. The upsells are very attractive and I would recommend buying at least one of them. There is huge value here. Just keep in mind that, for a few reasons, they probably won’t make you as much money as they did Ben.

What is Commission Code about?

Ben Martin has generated over $249,000 so far in 2017 by promoting affiliate offers. This has been done using a special method that he has perfected over the course of six whole years.

Instead of teaching you his method like he’s done in the past, though, he’s eliminating the learning curve and giving you his hottest affiliate campaigns that have been proven to pull in at least four figures each.

Commission Code Review Results 1

Proof of how much the code made Ben in 27 days

You just have to copy and paste one line of code Ben provides for you, and you’ll get instant access to done-for-you review videos, bonus pages, bonus sets, bonus delivery pages, email swipes, Facebook posts and blog posts that you can use to run killer campaigns. Ben will also teach you some of the best ways to get free and paid traffic, and approval to all offers will be guaranteed.

What is the structure of Commission Code?

Front End ($9.95) – with the front end you get 7 of Ben’s most profitable affiliate campaigns. This includes:

  • 7 done-for-you review videos
  • 7 done-for-you bonus pages
  • 7 sets of done-for-you custom bonuses
  • 7 done-for-you bonus delivery pages
  • done-for-you email swipes
  • done-for-you Facebook posts
  • done-for-you blog posts
  • free and paid traffic methods
  • guaranteed approval to promote each of the 7 offers

These constitute seven out-of-the-box campaigns which have made Ben over $11,000 of passive income in 27 days, and have gotten him on many affiliate leaderboards.

Here’s a shot of the members area:

Commission Code Review Members Area

The members area of Commission Code

OTO 1 ($17) – with this you get access to Commissions Reloaded. This is three additional affiliate campaigns, each of which include all of the pages and resources listed above, as well as a 30-day email consultancy with Ben in which he’ll answer any questions you might have.

Whether or not you should get this depends on if you’re content with the 7 campaigns you already have. If you want more done-for-you campaigns that will make you more easy money, I would recommend picking this up.

OTO 2 ($47) – with this you get Commission Jacker. This is a package of assorted benefits that include:

  • a secret method that allows you to easily hijack one of the biggest free traffic sources available
  • an over-the-shoulder case study guide of Ben using this traffic method to make money
  • a secret free tool Ben uses to generate bonus free traffic
  • Ben’s 50 most opened subject lines of 2017
  • license (resell) rights to Commission Code and all of Ben’s existing products

Now, I think this one is a no-brainer, and here’s why. First of all, you’re getting license rights to all of Ben’s products, which in itself could easily be sold for many hundreds of dollars. Ben’s products have been proven to convert, and they’ve made thousands of sales each. On top of that, you’re getting a bunch of other stuff which makes the value of this package tremendous.

OTO 3 ($27/month with trial) – this is Covert Commission Club. With this you get access to a minimum of two brand-new done-for-you campaigns each month. Each of these campaigns include the bonus pages, email copy, and everything else that has been listed above. You also get free access to every single bonus Ben has ever created.

This is definitely worth it; you can easily copy and paste the campaigns he provides (although I would recommend touching them up a bit and adding your own personality) and make back the monthly investment 20-fold and beyond. The bonuses add a lot of value to this offer as well, as you can both absorb the content inside them and use them in your own campaigns. Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Here are the bonuses you’ll get if you buy Commission Code through my link…

Bonus 1: The Affiliate Contest Insider Hack

The Affiliate Contest Insider Hack

  •  teaches you how to ramp up your affiliate promotions and win affiliate contests, no matter how big or well-known you are in the industry
  • includes valuable information on picking the right products, what to do before, during and after the launch to maximize sales
  • reveals tips, strategies and techniques for maximizing your chances of winning these contests

Bonus 2: Affiliate Cash Monster

Affiliate Cash Monster

  • a full 6-video course that pushes aside all the fluff and BS and details how to make big bucks as an affiliate promoting other people’s products
  • includes valuable information on best techniques, choosing the right products, generating targeted traffic and more
  • take this course to gain a deep understanding of what it takes to be a top affiliate

Bonus 3: How to Build a Responsive Mailing List

How To Build A Responsive Email List

  • a 25-page report that reveals the basic tips, best practices and secrets to developing a responsive email list — one that will open your emails, engage with your content, and most importantly, generate sales for you
  • very important for actually getting something out of your list, because if your list isn’t making you any sales, your business is dead

Bonus 4: Your Own Destiny

Your Own Destiny Ebook

  • teaches you all the things you need to know in order for you to take full control of your life
  • reveals how to command your life to turn towards the path that you want it to take
  • reveals how to go about rethinking your core “programming” and shaping your destiny

I would normally charge for these value-packed bonuses (particularly the second one, which is a full video course!), but you’ll be able to get all of them absolutely free if you grab Commission Code through my link.

To make room on my file hosting service and hard drive, I will normally remove bonuses for products that have been out for a while. As you read this, there’s a chance that the bonuses may not be there any longer; get it now and don’t miss out!

My Thoughts on Commission Code

Commission Code is an excellent product from a huge success in the industry. Ben knows what he’s doing. When you think about it, this is one of the easiest ways for any amateur marketer to start making money quickly. Having money coming in early on is very important because it gives you wiggle room, allows you to invest and allows you to perfect your own online business. Even experienced marketers can plug into this and make extra cash. I definitely recommend picking this up for less than $10 along with an upsell or two so you can start making real money with your affiliate campaigns.

One of the negatives I see with this is that the campaigns Ben is providing are for older products, which means that they likely won’t convert as well as if you were promoting a new launch. Will you make over $11,000 in 27 days with these campaigns? Probably not, but even if you make a few thousand in that time period, it’s totally worth it. If you set up these campaigns and follow the traffic instruction that Ben gives you inside the course, you will make money. There’s no way you can’t.

Recommended to try: YES

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I hope you found my review of Commission Code informative and helpful. See my summary and rating of the product below. If you have any questions, feedback or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

Commission Code




Value of Content





  • Awesome way to make money quickly
  • Refund period of 45 days is longer than normal (not that you'd need it)
  • Very attractive upsell offers
  • Great bonuses


  • His email style is effective but certainly not for everybody
  • Campaigns are for older products
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