Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Is Stefan James Legit?

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I have reviewed many affiliate marketing courses on this blog, and each has their own pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses.

In case you aren’t clear yet on what affiliate marketing is, it’s based on a simple concept: promote someone’s product and get paid a commission for sales you make.

There are certainly a lot of programs and courses out there that claim to teach you how to prosper with affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing Mastery is one of them.

I didn’t know about Affiliate Marketing Mastery for most of my online money-making journey, but I kept hearing rumblings about it and decided to see what is was all about.

Now, I want to write an honest review of it so you can answer these questions for yourself:

How can Affiliate Marketing Mastery help me make an affiliate marketing income online?

Is the course good? Is it worth the investment?

If you’re interested in Affiliate Marketing Mastery and are on the fence, don’t make any decision until you’ve read this eye-opening review.

Here’s what I’m going to be covering:

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What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Main Logo

Since you’re reading this review, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what Affiliate Marketing Mastery is.

The name of the program is self-explanatory. Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a program created by online entrepreneur Stefan James that teaches you how to “turn your passion, skill, or hobby into profits” through affiliate marketing.

In particular, it shows you how to generate a full-time income online without creating a product or investing a lot of money into paid ads.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery doesn’t just focus on one method of affiliate marketing like growing a blog or building a social media following. It covers multiple methods and gives you a bigger picture.

This is a nice change from many other affiliate marketing platforms I’ve reviewed in the past like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama, which mostly focus on building up niche blogs, or Affiliate Institute, which focuses on sending paid traffic to funnels.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is one of the more well-presented programs I’ve seen. I’m going to take an objective look at it in this review, so it’ll be judged on its true merit. I’m also going to take a look Stefan himself and evaluate his credibility.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery can be divided into two main sections:

1. Free MasterClass

Affiliate Marketing Mastery MasterClass Signup

This is what Affiliate Marketing Mastery has on their main homepage, and it’s the first step you take when joining Stefan’s program.

On the main website, you can register a spot for the free MasterClass. Don’t worry — there’s no time limit, despite what the landing page says.

As I write this, you can only choose a time slot that’s about 10 minutes from the time you sign up. Once you sign up, you’ll be given a link to the class.

This web class is hosted by Stefan. It breaks down seven steps to building an affiliate marketing business and creating multiple passive income streams.

Stefan gives you a pep talk at the beginning, tells you about himself and his online following, and shows you some of his results, like making almost $4 million in affiliate commissions with just one product.

He then talks about the concept of content marketing, building a “money tree”, and growing a profitable email list.

What’s in the MasterClass?

The webinar contains a pretty useful overview of affiliate marketing, but not much more than that. There’s a lot of talk and fluff that lasts for over an hour.

Stefan starts to pitch his paid training program, Affiliate Marketing Mastery, about 40% of the way through the class. In fact, the majority of the MasterClass is him leading you into this course.

2. Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Box Art

This is Stefan’s paid training program, and the main focus of this review. Unless you have the direct link or go through the free MasterClass I covered above, you won’t be able to sign up.

The course consists of seven modules:

  1. Strategy & Mindset For Success
  2. Advanced Market Research & Keywords
  3. How To Build Your Brand And Influence Online
  4. How To Get Followers And Subscribers With Compelling Content
  5. How To Get Visitors And Followers FAST
  6. How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  7. Performance & Optimization Strategies

In each module, there are a series of step-by-step videos walking you through every part of the process, as well as downloadable PDF transcripts and lesson summaries. There are over 70 videos that contain over 20 hours of content.

With Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you also get:

  • Access to Stefan’s 90-day email coaching program
  • 14 coaching Q&A webinar recordings
  • An affiliate marketing case study series
  • An affiliate marketing expert interview series
  • Access to a private Facebook community

Lastly, you get four additional bonuses, most of which are done-for-you assets that are meant to fast-track your success.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Results

Wooden sign with the word "results" written on it

Affiliate Marketing Mastery takes many opportunities to showcase the results and success stories of its students.

Here are some notable cases:

  • Ruby H: wasn’t able to make any sales until she signed up to AMM. With some persistence and dedication, she made her first $30 commission and realized that making money online is possible.
  • Cho L: joined AMM in July 2016, launched a blog, created his own fitness product, and made over $45,000 in revenue.
  • Justin A: was completely clueless about affiliate marketing and online business before he took Stefan’s training. He promoted a photography product on his blog and made his first $1 in commissions.
  • Paul W: after investing a lot of money in courses and mentors, and then finally joining AMM, Paul was able to build a successful fitness business and make four figures in earnings.
  • Gavin S: an AMM member that made almost $4,000 in a month by selling coaching. The month after, he was on track to beat that amount.

There are many more success stories, which you can hear about in the free MasterClass.

I won’t spend much more time talking about them, because at the end of the day, what’s important is the quality of the program.

A Quick Tour Of Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Now I’ll briefly walk you through the process of learning about Affiliate Marketing Mastery, becoming a member, and taking the course.

The first thing you’ll want to do (and the only thing you can do) when you arrive at the homepage is sign up for the MasterClass. As I mentioned before, this is where Stefan gives an overview of his seven steps to success with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery MasterClass Signup Form

Select a data (there seems to be only one option), enter your time zone, name, and email address. The phone number field is optional.

You’ll then land on a confirmation page.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery MasterClass Confirmation Page

Now wait for the class. A confirmation email will be sent to you with the link to the webinar.

Once you’re in the MasterClass, digest as much information as you can about affiliate marketing and living on your own terms.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery MasterClass slide example

Just before the halfway mark of the class, Stefan introduces his Affiliate Marketing Mastery program.

If you decide to sign up, you’ll be able to log in to the members area. This is where you access the main training and all the other benefits that come with AMM, including webinar recordings and the private community.

The course consists of modules and lessons that look something like this:

Affiliate Marketing Mastery lesson sample

As you can see, you can access related resources, do assignments, and keep track of your progress on the website.

If you need help or have a question, you can use the “Help” link in the top navigation.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s a solid members area, and it’s easy to work your way through the course.

What I Like About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

1. Stefan teaches methods that work.

Money bag

Affiliate Marketing Mastery teaches you how to create online assets that will generate affiliate income for you for years to come. It primarily focuses on free methods like organic search engine traffic, YouTube traffic, and social media traffic.

Blogs, YouTube channels, social media profiles, and email lists are all covered in the course.

There’s no doubt that these methods work, as they are what many of the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs do. They have worked for a long time and will continue to work in the future.

Free traffic might not be the fastest way to make money online, but once you get the ball rolling and build momentum, the income becomes passive and long-lasting.

2. The free MasterClass offers a solid overview of affiliate marketing.

Blue information icon

It’s nice that you can get an affiliate marketing strategy blueprint for free with AMM.

Of course, they want you to become a paying customer. But if you had the drive, you could run with what Stefan teaches in the MasterClass and build a successful business online.

In addition to an affiliate marketing overview, the web class offers other useful nuggets that can help you in your endeavours.

3. The content is clean and well-organized.

Pencil checking boxes

I like the structure of the AMM course. It’s easy to work through it from start to finish and keep track of your progress.

The content itself is of good quality, and Stefan is clear and easy to understand.

When it comes to the web class, you don’t need to download a bloated webinar client just to take part — all you need to do is click the link sent to you and participate within your browser.

Basically, this isn’t a website that looks and runs like it was built in 2003, which is nice. What’s more, Stefan and his team are currently making improvements to AMM and are gathering suggestions and feedback.

4. A description of AMM is available in written format.

Pen and paper icon

One thing I don’t like is when you sit through a 1-2 hour webinar, listen to a pitch of a paid product, and get directed to an order form with hardly any information on it (*cough* Affiliate Institute *cough*).

I think it’s important to have the benefits of the opportunity in writing so that if people don’t purchase right away, they can refer back to it without having to sit through a webinar replay.

Fortunately, Stefan provides you with a link to a page that not only has a replay of the MasterClass, but also a full sales letter for AMM. It breaks down the content of the course and exactly what you get with it.

It’s really a convenience issue, and it’s great that Stefan and his team have it covered.

What I Don’t Like About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

1. It doesn’t really cover paid traffic and funnels.

Ad Space Graphic

Stefan certainly covers a lot of affiliate marketing concepts in his course including blogs, email lists, YouTube channels, and social media followings.

However, he does mostly leave out one method that has huge potential in the affiliate marketing space, and that’s sending paid traffic to funnels that collect emails and promote products in the backend.

It turns out that this is one of the fastest ways to make money with affiliate marketing. Once you get to a point where you’re making back as much money as it costs to acquire leads, any future promotions will result in pure profit.

I know a guy who has an email list of tens of thousands of people that can make $50,000+ per email promotion, and he got to that point by sending paid traffic to funnels. He covers the method in his affiliate marketing course here.

2. It’s very expensive.

Price Tag Graphic

Affiliate Marketing Mastery costs $397/month for three months or $997 as a one-time payment. This is a lot more expensive than many affiliate marketing trainings I know about.

Let’s face it: people looking to build a business online are probably strapped for cash and will have a hard time affording this.

Of course, I’m not saying that AMM won’t help you become successful. What I am saying is that if you’re not a total idiot, you can get the education you need to build a thriving affiliate marketing business without having to make an investment this large.

3. Stefan has some skeletons in his closet.

Stefan is from Vancouver, Canada. He has a large social media following, and you’ve probably seen some of his videos on YouTube where he shows off his penthouse or some posh apartment in a foreign city.

He certainly looks and sounds legit, doesn’t he? Yet, he has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism, notably with regard to his Kindle publishing business.

In late 2019, a YouTube user named Coffeezilla posted a series of videos alleging that Stefan had sold (or attempted to sell) fake skin cures online.

Through various pen names, he had apparently tried to market shady cure systems as 3-day cures and claimed to have researched these diseases for 5 years. He targeted people who were desperately sick and priced his solutions at $37.

Whether the claims are true or not aren’t confirmed.

Stefan responded to them in a length community post on YouTube, but he didn’t address the allegations directly. Instead, he dismissed them as being from “haters” that are trying to defame him with false information.

Coffeezilla then asked him to specify what was false in his reporting. As far as I know, Stefan hasn’t made any further comments about the situation.

Given how all of this played out, I think it’s likely that there is truth in the allegations.

But is it the end of the world? No. When you’re trying to get your footing online and build a business, you may get a little dirty. People make mistakes; they learn from them, move on, and become a better person.

I’m not asserting that Stefan James is ethical one way or the other. But I think it’s worth being aware of the history of the person selling you a $1,000 product. Watch Coffeezilla’s series on this topic and judge for yourself.

There is other evidence of Stefan’s past dealings, like a Warrior Forum post from over 10 years ago where he talks about Google Adwords flagging his site for “unacceptable business practices”.

4. There is no direct access to the paid product.

Arrow pointing forward, crossed out

One thing I found a bit annoying is that you can’t sign up for the AMM program directly by going to the website.

Instead, you have to sign up for the MasterClass and wait at least an hour to receive the link to the offer.

I understand that webinars are an effective lead-in, and this particular webinar gives decent value. But there are some people who know the deal and just want to get to the chase.

People should be able to view the benefits of the program and sign up without jumping through hoops first.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Pricing

Affiliate Marketing Mastery offers one full version of the product, but there are two options for payment:

  1. Three monthly payments of $397.
  2. One single payment of $997.
Affiliate Marketing Mastery Pricing

The first options spreads out the payment over three months, but you end up paying a total of $1,191, which is $194 more than the one-time payment.

Whichever way you go, you get the exact same benefits, including the training, webinar recordings, case studies, interviews, email coaching series, and four bonuses.

I wouldn’t recommend either option because this isn’t the course to get (more on that soon). But if you had to jump on board, I would make the one-time payment if you can afford it. If you can’t, consider the monthly plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a scam or is it legit?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is definitely not a scam. It provides the in-depth training and other benefits that it promise.

Furthermore, Stefan James is a guy who makes real money online. He has a large fanbase and has a proven history of helping, motivating and inspiring many people.

Having said that, the very high cost of the program might cause some people to feel that AMM isn’t worth it.

Who is Stefan James?

Stefan James is an entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada who has made millions of dollars online according to an article on

His main business and brand is called Project Life Mastery, which helps people build successful online businesses and transform their lives.

How old is Stefan James, and is he married?

At the time of writing, Stefan is 34 years old. He’s married to a woman named Tatiana, who herself has made hundreds of thousands of dollars with Amazon FBA and Shopify.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery the best affiliate marketing course online?

No, I wouldn’t say so. It offers some valuable, legitimate content and support, but I definitely think there are better options out there.

How does Affiliate Marketing Mastery compare with Affilorama?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery vs. Affilorama Logos

Affilorama was founded way back in 2006 by Simon Slade and affiliate marketer Mark Ling.

Like Affiliate Marketing Mastery, it provides affiliate marketing training and offers other benefits including an online marketing community. The training focuses on building niche websites that make money through affiliate marketing, which is also a major part of Stefan’s course.

Beyond that, the two platforms don’t have much in common.

The main difference is that unlike AMM, Affilorama’s core training is free, but it has issues with outdatedness because it was first created a long time ago.

Affilorama also has a suite of paid product offerings. Its most expensive offer, AffiloJetpack, is a complete DFY business solution that costs the same as AMM ($997).

I actually don’t recommend either platform. But if I had to choose, I would go with Affilorama because the community is larger and you can get a lot of valuable information for a much lower cost.

An Alternative Program

Affiliate Marketing Mastery delivers good affiliate marketing training, particularly when it comes to free traffic. And there are a lot of things about Stefan that I like.

At the end of the day though, it’s just not worth the $1,000 price tag. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend you bother with Affiliate Marketing Mastery at all.

When it comes to the education you need to succeed with affiliate marketing and online marketing in general, there are better options out there that will have a much lesser impact on your wallet. This is important when you’re just starting out.

One such option that I want to to recommend to you right now is a training program called Savage Affiliates.

Why I Recommend Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates Logo

First off, what is Savage Affiliates? It’s a full affiliate marketing course created by 7-figure marketer Franklin Hatchett that walks you through everything you need to know to make a full-time affiliate marketing income online.

Frank teaches you the cutting-edge affiliate marketing methods and strategies that work today. He teaches you how to build an online business from the ground up, with methods that he has used himself to achieve amazing results.

In addition to this, you get full access to a private Facebook group where you can share results, ask questions, and help others. This community consists of Savage Affiliates customers and Frank himself, who you can talk to one-on-one.

The course contains over 10 video modules, each with 5-20 videos walking you through every step of the process. It’s the better choice over Affiliate Marketing Mastery because:

1. It teaches practically everything that AMM teaches, plus paid traffic and funnels.

Savage Affiliates teaches you almost everything about affiliate marketing.

It not only goes in-depth into the same things AMM teaches you, like:

  • setting up a blog
  • creating content that is optimized for search engines
  • creating and growing a YouTube channel
  • getting traffic from social media like Facebook and Instagram
  • running a successful email list

But it also explores the concept of funnels and sending paid traffic to them.

This is a very powerful method because if you can get to the point where you’re spending less for leads than you’re making in funnel sales, you can scale up and potentially make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a relatively short period of time.

Savage Affiliates teaches you many different business models under the umbrella of affiliate marketing. This allows you to choose a method that you like the most.

2. It costs 70% less than AMM.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery costs a minimum of $997. Taking into account the monthly payment option, you could say that the course costs $1,094 on average.

With Savage Affiliates, you get some of the best affiliate marketing training online and a private Facebook community for a one-time price of only a couple hundred dollars, depending on the package you choose. The more expensive package is less than 30% of the cost of AMM.

Savage Affiliates 2.0 Pricing & Features

Frank keeps the course updated too. He recently came out with a major 2.0 update to Savage Affiliates, adding the latest strategies and techniques for success.

When it comes down to it, Savage Affiliates provides arguably better training material and a community that’s just as helpful for a much more economical cost.

3. Frank doesn’t have a shady past.

I’ve already told you about some of the controversies surrounding Stefan James. There’s little doubt that he has done some questionable and predatory things in the past related to online marketing.

I also find Stefan to be a bit full of himself. If you go to his Project Life Mastery website, you’ll see a collage with muscly pictures of himself shirtless, and the proverbial “hot girl” in his arms.

I mean, I guess I can understand the rationale if you’re trying to be a role model for people who want to transform their lives in other ways than just making an income online. But come on — it’s all a bit conceited, no?

Frank Hatchett, on the other hand, has never been known as anything other than a legitimate and reputable online marketer and teacher.

He doesn’t waste time showing off expensive cars or houses. In his courses, he jumps right into over-the-shoulder training to get you building a profitable online business as soon as possible.

Savage Affiliates has hundreds of success stories, and more continue to be posted on a regular basis in the private FB group.

There are no upsells to worry about. Just pay once, dive into the training, and start taking action.

Savage Affiliates Bonuses

Bonus Package Icon

What’s more, I’m offering a tailored bonus package for those who try Savage Affiliates under my link. These bonuses are going to be a great help to you in your quest to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

You can see what these bonuses are in my Savage Affiliates review.

Once you purchase Savage Affiliates, you can email me at with the name you purchased under, and I’ll send over the bonuses after verification.


Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a program that provides solid affiliate marketing training, webinars and interviews, and some other cool benefits designed to get you on the path to online success.

Unfortunately, it has some shortcomings:

  • at $1,000, it’s too expensive — you can get the training you need to build a successful affiliate marketing business without spending anywhere near this amount of money
  • Stefan has some skeletons in his closet and isn’t a squeaky-clean role model
  • paid advertising and funnels aren’t a focus of the training

In my view, this isn’t a program that you want to get involved in. Instead, the affiliate marketing training that I recommend is Savage Affiliates.

Savage Affiliates costs 70% less than AMM. It covers everything that AMM covers plus more, and Frank is a great teacher and reputable influencer.

Just pick it up and give it a try. If it doesn’t work for you, you can refund it within 30 days.

Thanks for reading my Affiliate Marketing Mastery review. Note that I am an affiliate for Savage Affiliates. The views expressed here are my own and are not official statements by Franklin Hatchett.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery






Value Of Content







  • The methods taught are effective
  • Clean, well-organized content
  • Free MasterClass offers some decent value
  • Program description and benefits are in writing


  • Too expensive
  • Stefan has some skeletons in his closet
  • Training has no focus on paid ads and funnels
  • Some hoops to jump through before you can learn about the program
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